Reflect on old year and prepare for New Year’s


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On December 31, many people will gather together to celebrate New Year’s Eve and the end of 2021. 2022 will be a new year with new opportunities that will allow people to reflect on the past and learn from it.

The holiday of New Year’s is a time for people to celebrate the achievements of the old year while also looking forward to the change and growth that could happen in the new year. With 2021 coming to a close, many people are looking forward to spending January 1 with family and friends once again. 

“My favorite thing about New Year’s is the opportunity it gives people to become better people. It gives people, including myself, hope that next year you can better yourself as a person and improve your life,” Freshman Allison Ewbank says.

Ewbank also enjoys watching the ball drop in New York City. In fact, she considers it an essential part of the holiday and always toasts the new year with a glass of sparkling cider. Waiting until midnight in order to usher in the new year is a tradition that many families enjoy together annually. 

This New Year’s Eve, there will be more opportunities for people to visit family and friends. Ewbank even believes that 2022 will be a year of change and reflection – both for herself and for other people around her. 

“My New Year’s resolution is to eat gluten free and dairy free. I’m also looking forward to graduation and college in 2022!” Senior Allison Sampson says. 

Around the holiday, many students make resolution lists that tend to be long and full of unattainable goals. Instead of doing this, Sampson has a more self focused goal that she can use to improve her life. After all, the holiday of New Year’s should be about self improvement and reflecting on the old year while also preparing for what is to come. 

“My favorite thing is just spending time with friends. It’s fun to see how we have all changed throughout the years and it’s an excuse to stay up all night.” Junior Sara Setto comments. 

Many high school students have a lot of stress in their lives, especially around December and January with the first semester’s end in sight. Taking a step back from that to reflect on the past year and spend time with friends can be very refreshing and can lead to some much needed relaxation. It is important to find a balance between social lives and personal lives. 

This year, students should be sure to take time off and spend the holidays with family and friends. 2022 is coming soon and the rest and relaxation is worth it. Let’s leave 2021 on a good note!