Rating Furniture with Mr. Scarmazzi


Collage Courtesy of Fletcher Beckett

At Trinity High School, Fletcher Beckett traverses the school and tries out various pieces of furniture. Which one is the comfiest?

Comfort plays a large role in staying focused and paying attention in class, and, because of this, furniture is pretty important in keeping students on task. Trinity High School has recently purchased and delivered a multitude of new chairs and couches that have been placed in the esports room, Foyer and the lunch room. Therefore,  Mr. Scarmazzi and I tried out the latest applications and gave our thoughts on each individual piece of furniture. 

Before we tried out the newest furnishings, Scarmazzi and I tried out the standard school chairs in the classroom. We agreed that the standard student desks are a 5/10 in terms of being comfortable to sit in. They are by no means bad, and they definitely get the job done. On the other hand, not many classrooms have desks for left-handed students, and the chairs  aren’t the most cozy. There isn’t much to complain about considering it functions how a classroom desk should. I’d say the school made the right decision when purchasing these chairs for Trinity High School students. 

Out of all the furniture, we first tried the booths in the cafeteria. As for comfort, we agreed on a 6/10, but we believe the school made the right choice by getting booths. They aren’t made out of fabric, so although it isn’t as comfortable, it is stain resistant. We concluded that the choice of material was excellent because of where they were placed. If students aren’t eating there already, I’d strongly recommend eating there with friends at lunch. 

Afterward, we headed to the foyer to try out the new couches. The couches were quite nice and pleasant to hang out on and earned a 7/10. The placement of these pieces of furniture were impeccable because they were in the foyer. Many students need a place to sit when they are standing near the front doors, and the couch is the perfect place to wait. This piece of furniture shines in the foyer because it can fit multiple people and the foyer is an extremely common place to be waiting for someone or something. 

Consequently, we walked to the esports room, where there were plenty of new chairs and other places to sit, such as the “mini couch seats.” These seats are pretty close to the ground compared to others, but that isn’t necessarily a negative thing. 

Scarmazzi noted, “It’s perfect for looking up at the TV, and it also provides great back support.”

Back support may seem like it’s not a big deal, but don’t underestimate it. 

Being able to adjust the angle of the back of the gaming chair makes a world of difference when you need to stay seated for a long period of time. After some thought, we decided to give the gaming chairs an 8/10 because of how comfortable you feel when you sit down. Trinity made an amazing decision when getting the gaming chairs for the Esports room. 

In conclusion, I want to thank Trinity High School and the administration for getting all of this new furniture for the sake of the students. They didn’t have to get these booths, chairs or couches, but Trinity was nice enough to get these for us nonetheless.