Rachel Chase

A great option to entertain your family this Thanksgiving is ice skating at the iconic PPG place around a massive Christmas tree.

It’s Thanksgiving once again. Pumpkin pie, turkey dinner and… a bored family? Sure, everyone is excited to see their family members, but what happens when you have to entertain them?

So today, the question is: What Would Chelsea do to entertain family during Thanksgiving? 

Most of the typical fall activities have ended — pumpkin patches have closed for  the season and hay rides have halted. So what can you do when all of your relatives roll in? Well, since the Thanksgiving-themed activities are limited, it’s time for the next best celebration: Christmas.

I know, I know, it’s too early for Christmas. Thanksgiving is its own holiday and it deserves its own celebration. Personally, I started the Christmas music on November 1, but not everyone feels the same. For those of us ready to be holly and jolly, we have plenty of ways to celebrate. 

Oglebay has already started their Festival of Lights, which is a drive through of light displays. A  donation of $25 per car is suggested. You can certainly pack the family in the car and enjoy a night of holiday lights. 

Another option for holiday lights is Kennywood’s Light Show. Tickets can be purchased for $14.99 and attendees should be prepared to do lots of walking to see all of the lights around the park. Ride options will be very limited.

But, if you aren’t ready to venture out, there are many options for at-home entertainment.

One such option is getting a jump start on Christmas decorating. Use the extra help and turn your home from turkey-mode to decked out halls. While decorating, put on a Christmas movie or some Christmas music. Break out the hot chocolate and make the most of this opportunity for some quality family bonding. 

Of course, if sports is your forte, I’m sure there are plenty of games you could put on, but I’m certainly partial to a good Christmas movie. 

But, if you’ve absolutely resolved to avoid anything Christmas related on turkey day, I suppose there are still ways to get your gobble on. 

Because Thanksgiving is immediately followed by Black Friday, you could use the days leading up to it to plan out a shopping strategy. Personally, that sounds too intense for me, but I’ll never criticize anyone for getting good deals. So, go ahead. Formulate your plan of attack and decide what stores you plan to brave. 

Ultimately, the holiday is meant for gratitude and joy, so remember to thank the important people in your life. 

Enjoy the time you do have with family and friends, and feast on your turkey dinners!