Student passion brings new True Crime Book Club to life


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Students who are interested in reading or psychology can find a place in the True Crime Book Club. The Club exists outside the classroom and can be a way for students to hold thoughtful discussions with their peers.

Ah, October. Almost everyone associates this month with the holiday of Halloween, a delightfully frightening time when ghost stories are welcome and scary costumes are encouraged. With all this chatter of ghosts and ghouls in the air, it is the perfect time to introduce a new “chilling” club to Trinity High School!

The True Crime Book Club will take place during homeroom on Activity C days and will serve as a space where true crime enthusiasts can get together and discuss various cases that occur within novels. Students who enjoy learning about true crime will now have a space where they can share and discuss their passion alongside others with similar interests. 

“As with every club, there will be bonds formed between the members of our book club. I hope that everyone will gain a lot of knowledge and create some interesting discussions together,” Sophomore Dresden Bouman comments. 

It was Bouman’s idea to create the club in the first place. Ever since, she’s been working with club advisor Ms. Shaw in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Building a club from the ground up can be a difficult process, but Bouman has handled it well by spreading word of her club throughout the school. 

Club meetings will begin with a pre-reading discussion about the background information for each book. As the club members read more, discussions will shift to include thoughts about the various cases. Any student who watches true crime TV shows or has an interest in psychology is encouraged to join the club!

“I’m excited. Anything that promotes a love of reading, I’m 100% in agreement with,” Shaw says.

Word will be spread through the morning announcements and social media, as well as through word of mouth.

Books for the club will need to either be purchased or borrowed from a local library. New books will be chosen once or twice per month. Since the club is voluntary, Trinity High School will not provide books for interested students. Also, prior to joining the book club, each student must fill out a parent permission form due to the fact that crime scenes will be featured in the books. 

If anyone is interested in joining this “chilling” book club, please see Ms. Shaw in room 166 for more information. Bouman emphasizes that the club is always looking for new ideas, so nobody will be turned away!