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Fall into formal…This year’s formal will be held on the softball field with a “harvest” theme.

It’s officially fall, and that can only mean it’s once again time for a favorite event… Fall Formal. Personally, when I think about formal I imagine awkward formal proposals and plenty of couples who are excited for a dance together. So, let’s get into this right off the bat. What Would Chelsea Do about flying solo to formal?

Before I offer my answer, I wanted to talk about where the idea that we need a date to go to formal came from. My opinion is that we have been trained to think this from the movies and shows we all grew up watching. I’m sure you can probably think of one show right now that featured attending a formal or homecoming in some way, right? I’m also willing to bet that said featured event did not include the main character attending solo. Instead, there was probably a whole focus on who he or she planned to ask to the formal and subsequent formal preparation activities.

 Realistically, you probably know many of your friends who are going together or at least a few people going with dates. I’ve noticed plenty of talk about who’s asking who and how they’re going to ask. So, it’s understandably daunting to consider attending formal – *dramatic pause here* – alone. I think every high schooler has experienced concern about fitting in, or rather, standing out in the wrong ways. Fear not! This is not as big a deal as it might feel like.

So, if you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably at least convinced that it might really be okay to go alone. Great!

Now, let’s address what might require additional planning if you are planning to fly solo. First up, transportation. Usually there are a few people who go all out and splurge on a limo. But, this year might be a little different. Since formal will be on the football field at the middle school, I’m expecting a hard decrease in, well, formal-ness. I think most people will be driving themselves or having a parent drop them off. You will certainly not be in the minority here. 

Second up, the dancing situation. The plus side to coming with a date is that you have a built-in social partner for the night. Minus a date, you can expect to put in a little more effort on the social front. Find friends (ideally not with dates) to hang out with for the night; I promise, nobody will judge you for coming without a date. 

Finally, remember to have fun. Personally, I’ve never really been sold on school dances. But, I will be attending this year with a group of friends (i.e. I’m not attending with a date either). After our world was turned upside down, I think we can all use a night of normal high school fun. Remember to enjoy it, and make the most of the night!