Candy store’s creativity crushes expectations


Rachel Chase

The soda wall at the new location is a staggering display of color. Upon closer look, flavors like “sarsaparilla,” “pickle,” and “huckleberry” are just a few of the 225 flavors to choose from.

Grandpa Joe’s Candy Store added to their chain of stores with a brand new location at 4 W Pike Street in Canonsburg, PA, that opened on September 9, 2021, at 4:05 p.m.

Rachel’s review: This reviewer is pleased to report that the new Grandpa Joe’s Candy Store definitely lives up to the hype. Customers are greeted with a Wonka-esque atmosphere immediately upon arrival. A sea of colors, candy and creations await shoppers. 

The new location is in downtown Canonsburg, an area that is currently experiencing a period of revitalization. The owner of the Grandpa Joe’s stores, Christopher J. Beers, intentionally locates his stores in revitalized areas and takes joy in doing so. 

The store has moved into a building that was previously a PNC bank and plenty of original features, including a vault, have been worked into the redesign. Prior to the new store opening, the bank was left abandoned and the building was not in use for a long period of time. Grandpa Joe’s has certainly given the old building new life. 

The very first store was established in Pittsburgh’s Strip District about a decade ago. Since then, 12 other locations have been opened. 

This reviewer has also visited the Grandpa Joe’s stores in Pittsburgh’s Strip District and Lehigh Valley’s downtown Bethlehem and can eagerly declare that the Canonsburg store is one of the best. However, each store still brings the same positive energy and wonder as the Canonsburg location. In this reviewer’s opinion, the new location is a win.

Customers who decide to shop at this vibrant location should be prepared to sign up for a rewards program where they will earn points called “snozzberries.” Points are based on the amount of dollars spent. These points will allow customers to unlock special privileges like their own safety deposit box in the original bank vault and access to a special video game room.

Kaylee’s review: Grandpa Joe’s candy store exceeded this reviewer’s expectations. As soon as one walks through the door, they are transported to a world of bright colors and candy. 

The store is composed of a few main sections: the candy, the knick knacks and the sodas. 

Candies that come from all across the world can be found here, as well as candies that are popular on social media. The assortment ranges from hand-crafted chocolates to huge gummy donuts. There really is something for everyone, whatever their preference may be. 

Many toys and knick-knacks can be purchased at Grandpa Joe’s. Whether someone is looking for a stress ball to calm themselves down, a pair of funny socks to give to a friend, or a finger puppet, they are almost guaranteed to find what they are looking for. 

Perhaps the most impressive part of the whole store is the soda wall. Over 225 flavors of soda are represented along the side wall of the store, a truly awe-inspiring sight. 

Grandpa Joe’s is a wonderful small business to visit for any occasion, whether someone is looking for a birthday present, looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, or craving a cold bottle of “Grandpa Joe’s pickle pop.” 

Both reviewers call this new gem a must-visit and are excited to shop at Grandpa Joe’s again.