Alyssa Rager swings into Waynesburg University


Courtesy of Olympus Yearbook Staff

In the midst of the Trinity softball field, Alyssa Rager tries her best to get the runner out before they touch home plate.

Being able to juggle multiple responsibilities at once is an incredible feat, but it requires serious effort in the process. Senior Alyssa Rager has selected Waynesburg as her college of choice and is committed to playing softball in the spring of 2023. Rager’s ambition is one of the many qualities that will help her through this extremely difficult but exciting experience. 

Rager was born and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania, and began playing softball when she was five years old. She did initially enjoy playing softball, but her love for the sport grew every year she played. Rager decided to play the sport as a catcher all the way through high school, and is now getting ready to make her debut in college. 

Rager knew she needed to stay motivated if she was going to take both school and softball seriously. Her competitive nature allowed her to try her best throughout school, and it will certainly continue to help her through college. Rager strives to constantly develop her softball capabilities and improve relationships with team members.

Although one of Rager’s goals is to make an impact on the team, it seems she has already accomplished this with both her coach and teammates. To be specific, Coach Belleville voiced words of encouragement when talking about Rager. When Belleville first met Rager, she immediately noticed that she loved and was sincerely dedicated to the sport.

 Rager’s position in softball is the catcher; Belleville explained that being a catcher is exceedingly difficult. Since she saw Rager for the first time, Belleville stated that she has improved her relationship with the pitches, and has gained tremendous leadership skills throughout her time at Trinity High School. Last year, she even hit as many as six home runs. 

Belleville further expressed, “Rager is a strong leader, team player and a role model who is not only harder on herself than others on the team, but is someone who leads by example.”

Regan Miller, a player on the Trinity High School team, has known Rager for about seven years. She described Rager as someone who always knows what she’s doing. Miller also stated that Rager is dependable and trustworthy, and she believes that Rager’s intelligence and athleticism will greatly benefit her when she is in college. 

Belleville concluded, “It is always a pleasure to coach Ms. Rager. She is always there and is easy to coach. Despite her many accomplishments, she is humble and never brags about herself.”

Rager has the potential to be an outstanding college student and player for the Waynesburg softball team. Her easy going personality and unwavering determination will be great assets when she enters college.