Formal in October! Students prepare for early dance


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Altar’d State is a popular clothing store in South Hills Village. Girls can find many different Fall Formal outfits there in order to be fashionable and comfortable at the dance.

October has arrived! For many students, fall is a time of cool weather, bright colors and wonderful smells. It is also the time of year when Trinity holds the Fall Formal, an annual dance for its high school students.

“I think there is a lot of excitement surrounding the dance,” Chemistry teacher Mrs. Frazee comments. “We have two grades who have never attended a Formal, plus it’ll be outside this year. It’s a new experience for everyone.”

Last year, Trinity did not hold a Formal due to COVID restrictions and guidelines. This year, the dance is being held outside in order to avoid any problems with masks or COVID rules. 

“It’ll be interesting to see if this Formal is different from last time. I have a soccer game right before it, so it’ll be interesting to watch people start setting things up,” Junior Owen Baker says.

The dance will be held on Saturday, October 16, 2021, on the Trinity Middle School softball field. The cost of attendance is $25 per ticket and doors open at 6:30 p.m. 

A tent will be placed on the softball field for students who want to participate in the dance. There will be tables and chairs set up, as well as a photo backdrop. Refreshments will include Crazy Horse Coffee, cake pops, water and other snacks for students to enjoy. 

Frazee recommends that students wear a jacket of some sort in order to keep warm. She reminds girls that heels are not permitted on the turf, so students should remember that while looking for possible shoe options. 

“I bought a flannel that matches my dress in order to stay warm. I also have some Converse that I plan on wearing, since heels aren’t really comfortable,” Freshman Genny Halulko says.

Halulko bought her Formal outfit at Altar’d State, a store in the South Hills Village. The store has a variety of different styles and clothing choices that can suit the needs of many different girls. In fact, Halulko finds many fall outfits there – not just Formal dresses. 

Trinity’s Formal will be different this year, but that’s okay! As long as students are comfortable and confident in what they are wearing, it should be a nice night for everyone. We hope to see you there!