Clubs return to Trinity High School


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In the 2021-2022 school year Trinity students will once again have the opportunity to join clubs and become involved around the school.

After a year of limited interaction and social distancing, in-person club meetings are returning to Trinity High School for the 2021-2022 school year. The first Wednesday of each month is designated as an A Day, the second is a B Day and the third is a C Day. The fourth Wednesday of each month is open for extra meetings as advisors see fit.


Activity A Day

DECA meets in room 152. DECA prepares students for careers in business, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, marketing and management. Each year, DECA members compete in a District competition consisting of a role play scenario and test. Winning students can participate in their event at the State competition, or do a State-only project. Anyone can join, especially those interested in the marketing and business class track. For more information, contact Mr. Modrak.


FFA meets in room 14. The FFA organization immerses students in various forms of agricultural education. For more information, contact Mrs. Durila.


Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) meets in room 182. Gay-Straight Alliance is a nationally-recognized organization through GLSEN. The club’s mission is to promote kindness and acceptance for all students. Members will discuss various topics and issues within the community and participate in multiple activities to bring awareness to discrimination in schools. GSA provides a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students and allies. For more information, contact Mrs. Sagerer.


Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps (JROTC) meets in the auxiliary gym. JROTC teaches students about leadership, character and community service. Students will participate in various competitions, and receive a well-rounded education based on citizenship. Students do not need to be interested in joining the military to become a member of JROTC. For more information, contact Major Clacks or Sergeant Major Harper.


National Honor Society meets in the auditorium. Students are expected to complete community service and abide by the four pillars of the organization: leadership, scholarship, character and service. Students may be inducted if they have a weighted GPA of at least 3.75 and have completed four credits of an AP or honors class prior to induction. For more information, contact Mrs. Rush.


Youth Traffic Safety meets in room 124. YTS members must be part of the SADD Club and of legal driving age. YTS members will meet with PennDOT officials and other schools to discuss safe driving practices. Other activities may include contests, speakers and field trips. For more information, contact Mr. Stoner or Mrs. Helmkamp.


Activity B Day

National Art Honor Society meets in room 187. NAHS is an opportunity for creative minded students to meet and collaborate. There are opportunities to have work displayed nationally as well as access to scholarships to major Art Universities. The NAHS seeks out community service projects like murals or window painting, and members are welcome at Open Studio after school each week.  Students must have completed 1 Fine Arts credit to join. For more information, contact Mrs. Bennett


Bible Club meets in room 146. The members of the Bible Club will discuss knowledge of God and “The Bible,” and use this information to make a positive impact on the world around them. For more information, contact Mr. Stoner.


Dreamers Club meets in room 282. Students will participate in acts of service in the surrounding community and complete various activities to promote service in our school. For more information, contact Mr. Polansky.


German Club meets in room 289. Students interested in learning more about the German language and culture are welcome to join. Members will also run the Rolling Bulletin and participate in fundraising events. For more information, contact Herr McLaughlin or Herr Good.


Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) meets in room 118. PJAS is a statewide organization of middle school and high school students designed to stimulate and promote interest in science among its members through the development of research projects and investigations. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is divided into 12 PJAS regions. Trinity’s regional meet will be held February 12, 2022, and the state meet will be held at the end of May. There is a chance to win scholarships and cash prizes for winning projects. For more information, contact Mrs. Welsh, Mrs. Walk or Mr. Smith.


Prom Committee (Class of 2023) meets in room 136. Only the class of 2023 is eligible to participate in planning this year’s prom. For more information, contact Mrs. Aliveto.


Rachel’s Challenge has a goal to spread kindness, empathy and compassion to students, faculty and staff to create a more positive school environment. Seventeen year old Rachel Joy Scott was one of the first students killed in the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School. Shortly before her death, she wrote in her diary, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go.” The goal is to start a chain reaction of kindness at Trinity. For more information, contact Mrs. Sagerer, Ms. Shaw, Mr. Polansky or Mrs. Migyanko. 


Spanish Club will begin meeting at a later date to be announced. Students that are interested in learning more about the Spanish culture and language are welcome to join. For more information, contact Señora Harrington or Señora Banish.


Student Council meets in the auditorium. Members take pride in the district and strive to be successful students in school. Students are responsible for planning events such as Homecoming, Formal and charity events, as well as grade-specific activities. Students interested in Student Council will submit a Google Form in the spring to run for an officer or representative position. For more information, contact Mrs. Frazee or Mrs. Thornburg.


Theater Club meets in room 146. Students who are interested in participating in the spring musical or volunteering their time to bring the production to life should join. For more information, contact Mr. Komula.


Trailblazers Club  meets in the main gym. The goal of our Trinity Trailblazers Club is to gain inclusion and respect for all students involved in our activities. It enables all students to form a bond with someone who has different challenges and abilities than themselves. It also helps them to grow into leaders that will consider that everyone has a place in this world and that all people can make a difference in society. For more information, contact Ms. Belleville, Mrs. Giorgi, Coach MacKinney or Mr. Kime.



Activity C Day

Computer Science meets in room 260. Students interested in coding will discuss current computer events and learn more about the coding process. For more information, contact Mrs. Sirianni.


Environmental Club meets in room 123. Students in the club run the battery and marker recycling program in the high school. Other ideas of outreach and service are welcome. For more information, contact Mrs. Monteleone. 


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Club participates in competitions with multiple categories to prepare students for a future in business. For more information, contact Mrs. Migyanko or Mrs. Husk.


Future Teachers of America (FTA) Club meets in room 262. Members will participate in various activities, such as Teacher Appreciation Week. For more information, contact Mrs. Bennett.


Mock Trial meets in room 274. Mock Trial is an experience for students interested in the justice system and theater. Students will try out for the team and positions. For more information, contact Ms. Smith.


Odyssey of the Mind meets in room 152. Students will work in teams to design and build projects that follow the year’s problems from the Odyssey, and eventually compete in a regional competition. For more information, contact Mr. Modrak.


STEAM Team meets in room 118. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. This club is open to 9th-12th graders. Trinity will be participating in STEAM competitions at other schools, as well as one that we host. Students may compete in or help run the event. For more information, contact Mrs. Welsh.


Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club meets in the auditorium. SADD Club focuses on students making good decisions in their lives. The club sponsors events such as the Red Ribbon Week in October, Crush Cans for Valentine’s Day and the Prom Promise in May. Members are eligible to participate in contests where prizes and scholarship money are available.  For more information, contact Mr. Stoner or Mrs. Helmkamp.



Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) meets in room 136. Students who are currently enrolled in or have completed at least one FCS class are welcome to join. Members will become better prepared for their future family and career by collaborating and participating in competitions. For more information, contact Mrs. Aliveto.


Girls Who Code is for 9-12th grade girls to join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models using computer science to change the world. It is a safe and supportive environment of peers and role models where girls learn to see themselves as computer scientists, learn the concepts of loops, variables, conditionals and functions that form the basis of all programming languages. For more information, contact Mrs. Hartley.


HOSA Future Health Professionals meets in the cafeteria or auditorium. Students will participate in fundraisers to 

attend guest speaker sessions and other learning opportunities. Members will meet on the first Tuesday of each month. For more information, contact Mr. Porterfield.


Literary Journal meets in room 162 on the first and third Thursday of every month. The Literary Journal is a compilation of student articles, short stories, poems and other pieces of writing. Students in the Literary Journal club have the opportunity to compile these writing samples and put them together into a yearly, themed booklet. They will review and edit other students’ work while also learning how to format it properly. For more information, contact Mrs. Booher.


Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics such as gender equality, climate action, global health and more. This club is open to 9-12th grades. For more information, contact Mrs. Hartley.


Olympus is the official name of the yearbook club. Students create and edit the school yearbook every year. Also, editors attend sporting events and club meetings to take pictures. For more information, contact Mr. Modrak.


Peer Jury is a Washington County Court System Organization where juveniles that commit minor crimes or violations go in front of a “jury of the peers.” Students ask the defendants questions and determine the appropriate sentence for their offenses. This provides real world application to students as well as providing juveniles an opportunity to make life changes that do not appear on their permanent records. For more information, contact Mr. Powell.


Science Bowl Club meets in room 218. Science Bowl Club is a group of students who enjoy science and are interested in competing in the 2022 Western Pennsylvania Science Bowl Regional Competition on February 26, 2022. For more information, contact Mr. Columbus.


Speech and Debate will compete in various competitions throughout the school year in preparation for the state competition. Categories include debate, current events, Congress, One Act Play and more. For more information, contact Mr. Komula or Mrs. Berty.


Students Helping Others meets in room 118. This club is open to 9th-12th grade students. This club’s main goal is to help promote and support the Teen Outreach program in Washington. This year the club is working on planning and executing a seesaw marathon as a fundraiser. Anyone can participate. For more information, contact Mrs. Welsh.


Trinity Leadership Team meets in room 152 on the third Friday of each month. Students participate in local community service projects to prepare for larger competitions. For more information, contact Mr. Modrak or Mrs. Berty.