Student of the Month: October – Ethan Iams


It is my pleasure to nominate Ethan Iams as THS Student of the Month for October. Very few, if any, of my students are held in as high a regard in my mind as Ethan. 

“Exceptional” is the first word that comes to my mind when describing Ethan as a student. During his time at Trinity, I observed him grow into a well-rounded and accomplished young man. Ethan’s homework is always completed meticulously, he stands out during classroom discussions, and he is always willing to help his fellow classmates. Ethan is a brilliant classroom leader who stays focused on the task at hand and motivates his peers to pursue the same level of excellence he attempts to achieve. He is admired by his peers and respected by his teachers. I am confident that Ethan will continue to display this same commitment, diligence, and leadership in the classroom as he makes a positive impact during his senior year at Trinity. 

In addition to excelling in his academic career, Ethan is a dedicated and dynamic member of the student population. He is a member of Trinity’s National Honor Society, Math League, Honors Chamber Choir and the Ultimate Frisbee Club Team. Ethan is a member of the Greene County 4H Swine Club. Very few of my students have the drive to not only excel in the classroom but also put forth the same dedication, determination, perseverance, and hard work to pursue passions outside of school. Ethan understands that passion and hard work are keys to success and applies it to all aspects of his life. Ethan also finds time to volunteer frequently and is an active member of his church. He is a member of his Church Praise Team. He donates his time to being a Counselor in Training and song leader at Camp Carmel. He has worked as a laborer for Log Cabin Fence, Co. being a valuable detailer and farmhand. Ethan’s ability to manage his time between school and extracurricular activities proves that he is prepared to be an integral part of any educational setting. 

In conclusion, very few students possess the work ethic, personality, determination, initiative, and perseverance that defines Ethan Iams. He is a deserving recipient of any recognition he receives. The highest compliment I can pay Ethan, having two young boys of my own, is if my own children grow up to be like Ethan Iams, I did exceptionally well as a parent. I know that no matter where or what Ethan pursues, he will be as dearly valued by the people he meets as the people who have had the privilege of working with him. 

Nominated by Mr. Nicholas Phillips