New Trinity teacher makes Physics “PHun”


Courtesy of Mr. Columbus

Mr. Columbus is eager for his first day of school at Trinity High School in August of 2021 as the new Physics teacher.

In August of 2021, a vibrant new face joined the Trinity High School Staff as a teacher. David Columbus, the new Physics teacher, is serious about teaching and uses his energetic personality to educate and inspire his students. 

Columbus was born on September 10, 1997, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although he was born in Pittsburgh, Columbus grew up in nearby Belle Vernon. Columbus was always interested in exploring the world and learning how it worked. After speaking with Columbus’s senior academic instructors, he realized the scarcity of Physics teachers and decided to make his career just that. 

Columbus went to Penn State and earned his bachelor’s degree in Science in Secondary Science Education. In addition to his bachelor’s degree, he earned a Concentration in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. Columbus worked diligently toward his goal of becoming a Physics teacher and was rewarded when Trinity High School was in need of one. 

Melanie Rush, the current science department head, interviewed Columbus for the recently-opened position. When Rush spoke to Columbus, she immediately noticed his enthusiasm. Furthermore, she was impressed with Columbus’s passion and willingness to put in effort. Among the Trinity High School staff, Rush believed his dedication to his job and personality made Columbus stand out. After the interview was over, Rush was amazed with Columbus’s method of teaching.  

She elaborated, “Even though I don’t understand Physics very well, Mr. Columbus’s teachings allowed me to make sense of it.”

This interview resulted in Columbus getting the job. As of September 2021, he currently teaches Physical Science, Physics and AP Physics II. 

On why Columbus became a Physics teacher, he responded, “Physics is PHun.” 

Connor Bull, a senior student, is currently taking AP Physics II, and is thoroughly enjoying it so far. Bull says he enjoys listening to Columbus on account of his personality and interactive labs. He describes Columbus’s personality as upbeat and friendly and giving off good vibes. Bull is excited to have Columbus as a teacher this year and looks forward to learning more about Physics.

Columbus is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with the students of Trinity High School. Although his classes may be complicated Physics lessons, his personality makes teaching interesting and encourages others to want to learn. Columbus is excited to officially be a Hiller and teach what he believes is “PHun” Physics.