Jade Miller swims to success


Photo courtesy of Jade Miller

Congratulations and good luck at Wheeling University, Jade!

Senior Jade Miller has achieved the opportunity of swimming competitively for Wheeling University. Miller started swimming when she was just five years old because she wanted to be like her sister. Since then, she has swum competitively for the past thirteen years. 

“Practicing now will set her off on the right track for a very successful collegiate career. She knows what she wants to accomplish and how to do it,” swim coach Mr. Modrak said. 

Miller was first going to go to college at the University of Hawaii, which was one of her top schools. But, Miller then decided on Wheeling University after her father sent her a link about the university. She got in contact with the swimming coach there and decided to visit the school. When she got there she said it felt like she was right at home. The coach saw a lot of potential in her and Miller felt very welcomed by Wheeling University. 

While Jade swims competitively at Wheeling University, she will also be majoring in biology. After talking to Mr. Porterfield and weighing the pros and cons, majoring in biology seemed to be the perfect fit for her because it could help her plan for a pre-med track. She chose this major because she has always wanted to help people and the medical field feels perfect to her. 

“To be a college athlete, you need a good work ethic. There are always going to be issues in high school and later on. You just have to have the desire to get through those issues. If you have that work ethic and motivation, and follow your dreams, you can do anything that you set your mind to, no matter what anyone says. Just work hard and stay humble. People will remember you for what type of person you were, over how good of an athlete or student you are,” Miller says.

Miller’s dream is to eventually become a surgeon. She knows that it is a lot of work and she feels that if she keeps pushing forward she can accomplish her dreams.

Congratulations to Jade Miller on this accomplishment and good luck at Wheeling University!