Brenden Kosey enlists in Army National Guard


Courtesy of Brenden Kosey

Senior Brenden Kosey is looking forward to applying the leadership skills learned in JROTC to his position in the Army National Guard.

Senior Brenden Kosey is currently enlisted in the Army National Guard. His current contract is for 8 years, but he plans on staying in the Guard for at least 20 years to receive a bonus and extra retirement.

Kosey explains that Major Clacks and Sgt. Major Harper, “have been very supportive in my decision and even given me pieces of advice when I’ve asked, and have referred me to the right people if they don’t know.”

Kosey has been involved with Trinity’s Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) taught by Major Clacks and Sgt. Major Harper for four years.

Kosey states, “JROTC is not there to prepare you to join the military, it is there to make you a better leader and prepare yourself for holding a role of responsibility later in life. It is merely a strong foundation on which to build on.”

Kosey has had a successful high school career. He is a member of the Physical Fitness, Drill, Color Guard and Honor Guard teams. He has achieved Honor Roll, and was presented with academic awards and two Superior Cadet and Leadership awards.  Kosey has also participated in two summer leadership camps, was awarded the TERA enlisted association medal and lettered Varsity five times. 

After high school, Kosey´s military occupation specialty is going to be a 15T, better known as a blackhawk mechanic. Eventually, his goal is to become a pilot. This goal is his reason for enlisting into the Army National Guard, rather than his aspirations to become an officer. 

Kosey talks about what inspired him to enlist in the military, ¨I have always been interested in the military ever since I was little; the main reason was because of my grandfather and my uncle. I’ve also always wanted to fly and for my schooling to be paid for, so I won’t have any school debt ever. And, I get real job experience.”

Kosey has achieved great things throughout his four years of high school and is looking forward to the next steps of his career and education in the Army National Guard. 

Congratulations to Kosey and to all Trinity students who are involving themselves in the military after high school!