Popeck donates to young patients in need


Photo courtesy of Erin Popeck

Senior Erin Popeck is proud of her ten inch donation to the Children with Hair Loss foundation!

As the Class of 2021 takes their first steps into the future, many are looking for ways that they can help those in need and create a positive impact in the world around them. Senior Erin Popeck has been generating this positive change for years and is proud to continue her mission of helping children who are battling cancer. 

On Friday, May 7, Popeck donated ten inches of her hair to the Children With Hair Loss (CWHL) foundation. Combined with the other two donations that Popeck made in high school, she has contributed enough hair to this foundation to make a complete wig for a child in need.

CWHL is a non-profit organization based in South Rockwood, Michigan that provides hair replacements, turbans, hats, bands of hair and custom fit wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments or other medically related hair loss conditions. The organization aims to help as many children as possible by partnering with local children’s hospitals and improving young patients’ lives with renewed self esteem.

“All my life I’ve been told that I have great hair. Once I found out I could donate it for people, especially for children, who are in need, I knew it was one way I needed to help,” Erin commented on her motivation to repeatedly donate to this special cause.

Popeck was first inspired to donate her hair in 2008 in honor of her aunt who passed away due to cancer. Since then, every time that she donates, Popeck chooses to honor one special patient. Throughout the years, Popeck has donated in the names of various family members and friends to support them during their cancer treatments. This year, Popeck chose to donate her hair in honor of Mason O’Lare, Mrs. O’Lare’s four-year-old son, who is currently battling leukemia. 

“It broke my heart when I found out about Mason,” shared Erin; she knew she had to do something to help.

Popeck’s motivation to help children in need does not stop with her years of repeated donations. She will be attending Carlow University next fall to pursue a major in nursing and eventually hopes to work at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Popeck has always been driven to help children in need and is excited to take this next step to further her education and work to save young patients who are fighting difficult battles.

For Mason and the entire O’Lare family, Popeck encouraged, “Keep fighting. You’re doing great!”