Cool crochet creations rise in popularity


Savannah Ikach

Ikatch’s own creation, a version of a Harry Styles’ outfit, is almost identical to Styles’ original look. Ikach’s crocheting talents are clear as every creation requires knowledge of many different stitches and techniques!

Crocheting is an ancient craft, practiced by many. But this centuries old hobby is experiencing a resurgence, partly due to social media and the pandemic. 

2020 brought many changes, but nearly everyone found themselves spending much more time at home than usual. Social media even sparked trends like “bored in the house,” where people posted about what they were doing to occupy their time. People have reached for hobbies often as they find more time in their schedules to do such activities. In particular, crocheting has skyrocketed in popularity. 

Crocheting requires few tools but lots of time, and the possibilities are endless. To begin crocheting, all that is required is a crochet hook and a skein of yarn. Crochet hooks are available in different sizes, typically differentiated by millimeters. Yarn is available in different weights, and most crochet projects utilize size 4, or medium weight, yarn. 

The craft requires patience, as each stitch must be crocheted by hand. However, the options are endless. Everything from stuffed animals to cardigans can be created through crocheting. TikTok has allowed creators to showcase their products, and items like the “crochet bumblebee” have become incredibly sought-after. But, it was not always just a fun hobby. 

Though crocheting has a long and rich history, it really evolved and became accessible to everyone in the 1920s and 1930s, largely due to necessity. As the great depression ravaged the American economy, mothers took to crocheting to keep a steady supply of clothes for their children. It continued to increase in popularity through the 1970s and 1980s with the development of the “granny square” which allowed for colorful patterns to be included in crocheted clothing. Then, crocheting popularity tanked. The 1990s and early 2000s saw a shift towards technology and away from handmade items and crafting hobbies. Now, crocheting has yet again risen to popularity, so what changed? 

Recently, people have been returning to making clothes by hand, including by crocheting, but the shift isn’t entirely because people are trying new hobbies. Recent years have proven that climate change is a very real and imminent threat. Data has determined that the fast-fashion industry, where clothes are mass produced at rapid rates for extremely low costs, is a huge contributor to pollution, so many are seeking “slow fashion” alternatives; this is where crocheting comes in. The craft allows for high quality garments to be made at home for similarly inexpensive costs without the pollution from typical garment production. 

Additionally, celebrities like Harry Styles have driven a desire to crochet. Styles’ iconic -and expensive- JW Anderson crochet cardigan has been sought after by many. Junior Savannah Ikach is one such fan. She has recently learned to crochet, and she created a version of the cardigan for herself.

Ikach explained that she first learned how to crochet from her grandma, but she really discovered an enjoyment for the craft during quarantine. She started by creating a blanket, and then decided to try her hand at the Styles’ cardigan. After successfully completing the cardigan, she also crocheted several tops and bucket hats. Regarding why she enjoys crocheting, she elaborated “The reason I love crocheting is that once you get into the rhythm and pattern of the stitches, you can do it mindlessly while watching TV. This makes me feel as though I am being productive with my time while still enjoying shows and movies. I also love the satisfaction of finishing a project.”

Ready to try something new? Pick up a crochet hook and create something amazing!