New movies, theaters reopening


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As movie theaters start to reopen, the safest way to enjoy a movie is to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

As movie theaters start to reopen, Trinity students and staff are preparing to watch new movies in theaters while also taking safety precautions. Many movies of different genres are being released in April and May and will be shown in theaters as well as streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. 

People of all different ages have movies that they are eager to watch in theaters with their friends and family. 

“Since I have been vaccinated, I feel comfortable going to the movies, as long as the theater practices limited seating and social distancing and mandates mask wearing. Those are the questions I need to have answered before I decide what theater to frequent. I am very excited to get back to some normal activities; however, now is not the time to become lax in our behavior,” said English teacher Ms. Denman.

In April 2021 alone, over 100 movies are being released from including action, romance and drama genres.

Some people believe that COVID-19 has completely changed the way people want to watch movies and that it is more convenient to rent or buy a movie instead of taking a risk of walking into the movie theater.

“COVID-19 changed the distance between people in movie theaters. I think a lot more people are renting or buying movies and just watching them at home instead of going to a theater,” said Sophomore Alyssa Wells.

The CDC recommends you get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible before going back into movie theaters to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. If people still don’t feel comfortable walking inside a theater, Netflix is adding over 20 new films to their streaming service in April.
“For the sake of the people who are employed by, and receive their income from movie theaters, I do hope that people will return. It has been such a shame to see so many people lose their income because of the pandemic. It is a serious illness and it should have been taken seriously, but at some point, we need to start considering and weighing the long-term effects on people’s lives and livelihoods as well. Following safety guidelines and recommendations has proven effective. It is only when some people follow them and some people don’t that we find gaps in the prevention of the spread of disease,” stated Spanish teacher Sra. Banish.

The reopening of theaters is very exciting and it is still extremely important to take proper safety precautions. If everyone takes the right steps, more people can finally be with their friends and family and watch a movie!