Teacher appreciation more important than ever


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Teachers have worked their absolute hardest this year, so students should be giving back!

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3 through May 7. Students need to look back at the hectic school year they and their teachers have endured and give thanks for all the sacrifices their teachers have made. 

Teacher appreciation is especially important this year because of the extra effort that teachers have had to put into teaching both online and in-person students. Teachers have had to adapt to a completely different learning environment and change their teaching methods. 

All teachers have taken massive risks by continuing to come into the classroom during a pandemic to ensure that their students are continuing to receive a quality education despite current events. These teachers risk their own health to assist students. Every Trinity student has at least one incredible teacher to thank. 

For Sophomore Aiden Dewalt, ¨My most influential teacher is Mr. Polansky because we formed a close bond through his class last year, and his room represents an escape from the cruelty of some classes.¨

Teachers also have the important responsibility of providing support with mental health and personal issues that come not just with the pandemic, but everyday life. They help students learn life skills that can be used outside of the classroom or later in life.

Sophomore Hannah Eisenminger states, ¨Mrs. Rush is one teacher that stands out not only in her teaching style, but the fact that she’s always there for a laugh or some advice.¨

To show gratitude towards teachers during the pandemic, students can give them a simple ¨thank you¨ or write letters or emails to them to avoid contact and stay socially distanced. 

Most believe that teacher appreciation week should include all school staff members such as the principals, student aids and all support staff that ensure the school is safe and the best environment possible for students. 

Eisenminger states ¨A thanks to a security guard or cafeteria worker is just as important as those to teachers.¨

Teachers represent a pillar in a student’s life and help them grow as people and as students through better learning techniques. Teacher Appreciation Week is very important this year due to the hardships of the pandemic and the dedication teachers have had towards their students.