Student of the Month: April – Michael Dunn


It is my pleasure to nominate Michael Dunn for THS Student of the Month for April. 

Michael has been consistent in academics, athletics, and, most of all, character throughout his four years here at Trinity. He is a multi-hyphenated individual spending his time in ways to better his world. A member of the Trinity National Honor Society, DECA, Peer Jury, and Student Council, Michael has maintained a 4.3 QPA while constantly developing his skills on the court – as of this letter, Captain Dunn is currently averaging 25 points per game as a Hiller of the basketball team. With all of these measurable achievements, what makes Michael stand out the most is his continual community service and dedication to his Church. 

Michael has a genuine connection with the elderly. In fact, before the pandemic, through our Trinity Leadership Committee, Michael wanted to start a group of young men to visit nursing homes on a scheduled basis, reluctantly agreeing to name said group “Michael’s Angels.” He was going to handle the scheduling of locations and students using both Trinity students and the church teenagers. On the last TLC visit to the Presbyterian Senior Care before Covid, we brought some students who had never visited a senior facility. A ninety-year-old man was very reluctantly brought to this area to talk with the three boys. The nurses warned us that the man was very lonely and probably would not speak. Within ten minutes, Michael had not only the gentlemen laughing but also the other teens comparing their tattoos and talking about haircuts. We had great things planned after this wonderful encounter. He additionally has collaborated with students across the state, including some other Trinity folk, in creating mindsets and projects that inspire and promote giving through the Multiplying Good program, a non-profit program emphasizing the power of service. More, Michael’s time as a volunteer as a maintenance worker, festival worker, youth basketball coach, and altar server within the St James Parish illuminates his recognition that service is a lifelong, multi-faceted duty: his sustainable service contributes to the continual existence of his Church, and vice versa. Connecting to his roots and supporting a pillar of his life has instilled in Michael a rare feat for most post-millennials. 

Michael is quite humble. His soft-spoken demeanor is not one that actively seeks big-headedness, let alone enjoys it. Everyone is his friend. No one ever sees him say anything unkind or raise his voice. He is always even-tempered and respectful to all. His cool, easy-going persona tends to see him slide into under the radar, but his compassionate actions, listening ear, and unequivocally inclusive heart allow him to be in the forefront of Hillers. Michael’s gut is tuned to being a support for all, one that seeks good works for the greater good. Clearly, he is more than deserving of this recognition.

Nominated by Mr. Luke Modrak