Boys’ & girls’ lacrosse teams are checking into season


Photo Courtesy of Emma Bowman

Some girls’ lacrosse players are ready to take the field for their big game.

COVID-19 took last season away from the students who play Trinity Lacrosse. But, these student athletes are ready to get back on the field with their teammates and coaches to play the sport they love as they kick off this season.

Junior Sofia Polito talks about the impact of COVID-19: “We haven’t all played together yet so it’s like starting from scratch.”

The girl’s team is coached by Mrs. Daloia, and the boy’s team is coached by Michael McBride.

Senior Colby Meier explains her goals for this season are “for everyone to play as a team and work together for a great season, but it’ll take a few games to get back into shape to play against other teams again.”

As it is still early in the season, the teams are still just practicing, playing scrimmages and preparing for games.

In preparation, they participate in drills such as stick work and passing, run sprints and a mile at each practice and review in-game scenarios. The boys have been conditioning since December, and the girls started conditioning in mid-February. 

There are large differences between how girls and boys lacrosse is played, the main ones being how much contact is allowed, the style of play due to the number of players on the field and the dimensions of the field and the equipment. Boy´s lacrosse is significantly more physical because they wear more protective gear such as padding, helmets and gloves, while only some girls wear helmets. 

But one similarity at Trinity is that both teams’ biggest rival is Canon-McMillan High School. This is because they are closest in proximity to Trinity High School, they have the same level of expertise and most of the students are either friends or know each other outside of school. 

Sophomore Stephen Moschetta states his favorite thing about Trinity Lacrosse is “being able to play with my lifelong friends and that the team feels like a family to me.”

Trinity Lacrosse is going to have a great and successful comeback this season. Good luck to both teams!