Boys’ tennis serves up into their new season


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As the boys’ tennis season is underway, keep track of all their upcoming games. Go Hillers Tennis!

As another school year is approaching an end, many spring sports are getting ready for their season. The Trinity boys’ tennis team is one of the many sports preparing and starting their 2020-2021 season. 

The team consists of seven boys and their coach, Mr. Stoner. Stoner is not only the coach for both the boys’ and girls’ tennis teams, but he is also a tennis player himself. Before COVID-19, Stoner would play upwards of 80-100 matches per year. Many students on both of the tennis teams believe he is an amazing coach. 

The boys’ tennis season started on March 15, and they had conditioning for two weeks before then. During conditioning, they practiced running for endurance and worked on their handling skills. Many boys on the team also trained in their free time to help better themselves. 

“Personally, I ran on my own time to help with my endurance and to prepare myself for the season,” Sophomore Jack Finley explained.

The tennis team is always looking for new members to join, though students interested will have to wait until next season. The team is very welcoming and encourages anyone thinking of joining to sign up for the team. 

The team has practice five days a week, except when they have a match. This allows them to be prepared for all of their games. 

The team has many strengths this year, as well as many dedicated players. The team believes that Peters Township or Upper Saint Clair will be their toughest competitors. Peters Township has been ranked as one of the best tennis teams in the state for the past few years. 

The team’s next upcoming home match is on April 6 against Upper Saint Clair. The match will start at 3:30 p.m, and though visitors are allowed, they have to be socially distanced. The spectators are limited to 50%, but the team encourages students to come and support the team at their home matches.