2021 girl scout cookie lineup – “badder” up!

Annually, the Girl Scout corporation produces a monumental amount of cookies in order for troops across the nation to sell them to their communities. I have purchased one box of each of the eight different kinds of Girl Scout Cookies represented in the “2021 cookie lineup,” in order to provide an unbiased review! My review system will be out of ten points, two points for each of the five categories: presentation, smell, taste, texture and aftertaste.

The first Girl Scout cookie I reviewed out of the eight in the lineup was the renowned Thin Mints. The box is a rich green color and has a group of girls carrying a canoe; this embodies the teamwork of those participating in Girl Scouts. The smell of this cookie is a rich, chocolatey smell and has an excellent flavor balance between peppermint and chocolate. It is a light, crisp cookie, which allows the mind to think that the whole box can be consumed at once, but consumers should resist temptation. The aftertaste isn’t much; it is a light taste of minty chocolate, just as the initial flavor tasted. I rate this cookie an overall 10/10 due to it’s perfect balance of flavors, great presentation, smell, texture and aftertaste.

The second cookie type I reviewed was the Tagalongs. The box is a vibrant red color with an image of girls playing in a band; again, this embodies the goal of teamwork that the Girl Scouts uphold. The smell of this cookie is a sweet yet savory sensation of peanut butter and chocolate. Both the peanut butter and chocolate compliment each other immensely, creating a mouth-watering sensation. It is a rich, flaky cookie, that is paired excellently with a cold glass of milk. The aftertaste is off putting due to the overpowering nuttiness, therefore I rate this cookie a 9/10.

The third cookie type I reviewed was the Samoa cookies. The box is a bright purple color with an image of a girl giving a speech. The smell of this cookie was solely coconut with a hint of chocolate. The taste on the other hand was chocolate, coconut and caramel; the flavors paired nicely together. The cookie has a sticky and flaky texture due to the caramel and the coconut flakes, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. A sweet, chocolate tasting sensation was brought forth from the aftertaste. I rate this cookie a 9/10 due to the unwanted texture.

The fourth cookie I reviewed was the Trefoils. The box was a pretty blue color with an image of girls painting and creating different types of art. This cookie has a warm, buttery smell and a similar flavor. The aftertaste is very simple; it tastes very warm and buttery, just as the initial flavor tasted. I rate this cookie a 10/10 due to its simplicity of flavor and awesome concept of taking on the shape of the Girl Scout logo!

The fifth cookie I reviewed was the Girl Scout S’mores cookie. The box is a warm brown color and has an image of girls roasting marshmallows around a campfire. It smelled of  warm graham cracker and marshmallow-like scents while having the flavors of a real s’more  straight from the campfire. The texture is crunchy and smooth due to the graham cracker and the marshmallow. The aftertaste was solely just a graham cracker flavor, which in my opinion, did not affect the overall review. I therefore rate this cookie a 10/10.

The sixth cookie I reviewed was the Lemon-Ups. The box for these cookies is not in a traditional Girl Scout cookie box, but is in a plastic container, and is colored a bright yellow color; the Lemon-Ups box had an image of girls looking like they are going to do some home-improvement. These cookies have a sweet  lemon smell and taste. The Lemon-Ups have a texture that is crisp, but not too dry, and have empowering statements on them. The aftertaste of the cookies have a sweet, lemon taste, as well. I would have rated them a 9/10 since they are very  plain, but they received an extra point for having empowering sayings on them, giving them a final rating of 10/10. 

The seventh cookie I rated was the Toffee-Tastic cookie. The box was a teal color with an image of girls jump-roping on the front of the box. The smell of these cookies was the same as the trefoils: buttery. The taste was also buttery, but with a sweet balance of toffee chunks scattered throughout the cookie; the aftertaste was the same.The texture of these cookies were crisp but the toffee chunks were harder than the cookie itself. Unlike the other cookies mentioned, these cookies are gluten free! I rate this cookie a 9/10 due to its great flavor, but the hard and crunchy texture caused a point to be deducted. 

The eighth cookie I reviewed was the Do-Si-Do’s. The box is a dull orange color with an image of girls dancing on the cover. The smell of this cookie was very nutty. The taste was also nutty due to the filling, but very bland due to the oat cookie.With a crisp, oatmeal cookie-like texture and creamy peanut butter filling, this cookie wasn’t the best. The aftertaste of this cookie was also very nutty. I rate this cookie a 8/10 due to the blandness of the oatmeal cookie itself.

Girl Scout cookies can be found by going on their website, clicking on the “cookies” tab and lastly clicking on “buy cookies.” This feature will allow a COVID-19 safe environment providing social distancing. There also is an option that is titled “Cookie finder,” which allows customers to put in their zip code and locate the nearest Girl Scout booth location. The cookies sell for five dollars per box and the contents vary between five and ten ounces.

Girl Scout cookies are only sold at booths for a limited time, in this case, now through the end of April. Otherwise, cookies are now being sold year round, online! Hurry and get your favorite cookies today!