What to watch this year


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In just 2021 alone, Netflix is releasing 70 new movies for watchers to enjoy.

During the school year, it is inevitable to feel wrapped up in the responsibilities and the realities of everyday life; therefore, it is crucial to take time alone or with loved ones to relax and experience a different reality. Movies and shows are a perfect and fascinating way to do so. 

Today, there are multiple ways to watch movies and shows of all genres. Even families with children of all different ages can find selections to interest everyone!

My favorite person to watch movies with is my husband and my daughter because we love to spend time together and going to the movies pre-Covid was one of our favorite things to do. Now we tend to watch a lot of movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Hulu. Typically, it is our Friday night tradition to get takeout and watch a movie together,” said family and consumer science teacher Mrs. Aliveto.

Just in March alone, Netflix is releasing 10 new movies and shows that members can stream. These new releases vary from comedies to love stories to thrilling documentaries. 

When it comes to streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, there is such a wide variety of choices. It is especially helpful that many platforms offer recommendations to watchers. 

“My favorite show is Skins because it was executed excellently and it was one of the only shows I saw that gave everyone’s point of views and there were so many stories throughout a story. I am excited to watch Shameless because I heard it is a good show,” stated Sophomore Chloe Findle, who streams the show on Netflix. 

Relating to characters in specific movies and shows is such an exhilarating feeling that makes someone feel like they are understood. Feeling related to a character is definitely something that makes people come back and watch again.

“I have to really fall in love with a movie/show to re-watch it,” says social studies teacher Ms. Barsic. 

New releases to look out for in March and April are Mortal Combat which comes out on April 16 and Godzilla vs. Kong that comes out on March 25 in theaters and on Amazon Prime, which are said to have exciting plots. 

Remember to look out for new releases this year on all streaming platforms!