Trinity varsity cheer team leads in school spirit


Heather Craig

The varsity cheer team preforms a stunt at the boys basketball game. Great job Hiller cheerleaders!

While students may only see the varsity cheerleaders at the football games, the cheerleaders are also very active within the school and at other sporting events. The varsity cheer team is made up of students from freshmen to seniors who performed well enough in their tryouts to make the squad. 

The tryouts take place after two weeks of conditioning in the auxiliary gym at the high school. During those two weeks, students interested in joining the team are taught different cheers, the skills of tumbling and many types of workouts. 

After the two weeks of conditioning, there is a tryout period of three days. On the first two days, the students audition with the coach and learn the cheers for the final tryout. On the final day of tryouts, they are assigned a number and then perform their routines, jumps and tumbling in front of multiple judges. 

After the auditioning process is over, a list is posted with the numbers of the students that were selected for the team. The cheerleaders have to reaudition yearly to continue being on the team. 

The varsity cheerleaders perform at both away and home games for the football team and home games for the basketball teams. They perform a variety of chants and cheers to get the crowd engaged with the game and to get the team excited.  Without any COVID-19 restrictions, they also perform at pep rallies.

“You can support the cheer team by answering our call back cheers at school events!” Senior Ella Young says. 

The varsity cheerleaders also have a four-day cheer camp in the summer for the elementary school cheerleaders. The varsity cheerleaders are in charge of making the chants and cheers for the camp. The elementary school cheerleaders will perform these cheers for their parents on the fourth day.  

 “As someone who has been in the Trinity Cheer program all my life, I enjoyed and looked forward to Spirit Camp every year in elementary school. I looked up to and admired the Varsity cheerleaders for their talent and unity as a team. Now being able to be on the Varsity Team and be a role model for elementary students today is something I really cherish,” Sophomore Sierra Craig states.

The varsity cheerleaders also are involved in helping with a competition for all of the elementary school cheerleaders in Washington County. The competition takes place during November at the high school and is called “Rumble On The Hill.” At the competition, the different elementary school students compete for first through third place in their division. The divisions are split up into grade levels; 1st-2nd are division three, 3rd-4th are division two, and 5th-6th are division one. The booster club parents normally sell tickets at the door for this event.  

“I really encourage people to try out for cheer next year! It helps you make life long friendships, teaches responsibility and shows you how to have school spirit! It is super fun to have pride in your school!” Young says.

If any student would like to try out for the varsity cheer team, look out for an email from the head coach with the time and dates for tryouts and conditioning.