Dunkin Donuts releases Valentine’s Day treats


Rachel Chase

Dunkin Donuts’ new Cupid’s Heart donut and Pink Velvet Macchiato look festive and perfectly colored for Valentine’s day!

Dunkin Donuts recently released two new Valentine’s Day drinks and two Valentine’s Day donuts. So, I tried all of the new releases to determine if they are just as good as they claim to be. The new items include a Pink Velvet Macchiato, a Mocha Macchiato, a Cupid’s Heart donut, a Brownie Batter donut, and their Pink Velvet syrup which can be added to any drink.

First, I ordered an iced coffee with Pink Velvet syrup. Initially, the appearance was rather unappealing. The red syrup mixed with the coffee for a strange red-brown color. The drink was mainly ice, and I noticed a very strong coffee scent immediately. After the first taste, I didn’t really notice any of the flavoring. But, the coffee seemed more bitter than usual. Though the syrup didn’t flavor the coffee, it certainly changed the texture, and it left an unpleasant sticky feeling after each sip. This drink cost $2.70, and it wasn’t the worst tasting coffee I’ve ever had. But, I would not get this again. Overall, I’ve rated this drink a 4/10.

Next, I tried an iced Pink Velvet Macchiato. This one definitely had a nice appearance. The pink syrup settled at the bottom of the drink and the espresso remained at the top, so there were two distinct layers. It lived up to Dunkin’s claim that it is “Insta-worthy.” Once again, this coffee had a huge amount of ice; however, the nice appearance was overshadowed by how much mixing was required to actually drink this. Once it was mixed, though, it was a very Valentine’s Day pink color. It smelled less strong than the iced coffee, so I was initially hopeful. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed. This was the strangest tasting coffee I have ever had. Macchiatos are usually stronger because they are espresso-based instead of coffee-based, but this coffee was extremely bitter. It actually wasn’t drinkable, and I added 2 tablespoons of creamer just to take a few sips. I added another tablespoon of creamer, which made it bearable, but the creamer only created a really awful aftertaste. This drink cost $3.65, and was absolutely not worth the money. I’m giving this drink a 2/10, solely because the appearance was nice. 

Finally, I tried the iced Mocha Macchiato. There was nothing special about the appearance of this one, and all of the mocha syrup was at the bottom. This one, like the others, required some mixing and had a ridiculous amount of ice. But, the flavor on this one did not disappoint. It had a great espresso flavor that was not overwhelming. The chocolate mocha taste really stood out, and it had a pleasant aftertaste. It wasn’t terribly sweet, and it was well-balanced. This drink cost $3.65, and I definitely thought it was worth the price. Overall, I’m giving this drink a 7/10.

The Cupid’s Heart donut was covered in strawberry icing and sprinkles and filled with bavarian cream. This donut was fantastic! It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and the flavors were all balanced. It was heart shaped and very cute. My only complaint was that I had wished there was a little more filling, but that was a minor issue. This donut is priced at $1.19 and I think it is worth every penny. I’m giving this donut a 10/10 and I actually went back to get another because I enjoyed this donut so much!
Last, I tried the Brownie Batter donut. This donut appeared similar to the cupid’s heart donut, except it had chocolate icing. It was bursting with a fudgey chocolate filling. The flavors were cohesive and it was moderately sweet. This donut was also $1.19, and worth the price. Plus, this donut paired very well with the Mocha Macchiato. Overall, this donut gets a 10/10 from me. 

Hopefully, Dunkin will be able to produce better drinks during future holiday seasons. For now, go enjoy one of their great donuts!