Skiing past COVID-19


Courtesy of Seven Springs' Mountain Cam

What are you waiting for? Grab your skis and take to the slopes!

It’s February and it’s the peak of skiing season, when many grab their skis or snowboards and take to the slopes! This year things will be done differently, and it’s all thanks to COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, the sport is suffering from many restrictions and economic conflicts. But, do not be discouraged! Skiers and snowboarders can still enjoy the ski season all while following COVID-19 safety protocols.

Despite the wonderful winter weather that everyone has been experiencing this year, COVID-19 has forced ski resorts to adapt to government-mandated restrictions, causing economic hardships for local small-mountain towns and businesses as they heavily depend on ski resorts. Additionally, COVID-19 has prevented Trinity from having Ski Club this year.

Senior Koen Weichel noted, “I miss not having Ski Club this year because I am a senior and in the past, I have shared many good times with my friends because of the ski trips.”

Even though COVID-19 has caused restrictions to be put in place, many can still enjoy the ski season while following the safety precautions mandated by ski resorts and government officials. For starters, before deciding to go to a particular ski resort, skiers and snowboarders should check out the ski resort’s website and find out about their safety regulations, as different ski resorts have different regulations. For example, here is Seven Springs Mountain Resorts’ regulations regarding its lift lines:

  • All guests are required to wear a face covering while in the lift line and riding the lift.
  • All guests are required to maintain 6’ physical distancing while in line (except among groups traveling together).
  • Lift lines will have 6’ spacing between adjacent lines and other guests/employees. 
  • Signage and markers will be used to help cue the guests at 6’ spacing in lift lines.
  • Side to side distancing will be achieved with “ghost” lanes when adequate space is available.
  • Conveyors will have markers indicating 6’ spacing.

Additionally, make sure to check if access to the ski lodge will be available as certain resorts, such as Seven Springs, will not permit lodge access. Only come in small groups as everyone must remember to limit the amount of people due to social distancing. 

Skiing and snowboarding, in general, are a great escape from cabin fever, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the winter season when there is not much to do outside. Being outside and exercising promotes increased production of endorphins, which create feelings of relief and happiness. Skiing and snowboarding are also good for the body as they strengthen a person’s lower body muscles, improve flexibility and engage core muscles. 

While many entry-level skiers/snowboarders may be intimidated by the steep mountain slopes, starting off on flat slopes and learning the basics will help entry-levels gain confidence to tackle steeper slopes. Many can learn the basics from friends, relatives or classes provided by ski resorts. Remember to take your time and to have fun.

Overall, skiing and snowboarding are a wonderful way to get outside during the winter and by following COVID-19 safety protocols, skiers and snowboards can enjoy the ski season to the max. Taken from the National Ski Areas Association: Ski well, be well!