Boys’ basketball faces interrupted season


Image courtesy of Olympus Staff.

Nolan Weiss is pictured scoring a foul shot for the Hillers against the West Allegheny Indians.

There are thirty seconds left in the last quarter, Trinity vs. West Allegheny. The boys cheer for each other to finish the last few seconds strong. The Hillers and Indians have tied up the entire game, scoring back and forth. The seniors make great plays and win the game, 68-60, in the last quarter against the Indians.

A win such as this was possible due to the hard work of the players and the dedication of their coaches. 

The Trinity Boys Basketball team is coached by Tim Tesmer, Eddie Matthews, Assistant Principal Dunn and Mr. Polansky. 

Junior Kyle Fetcho said about the coaching staff, “Our coaches are very good at pushing us to become the best athletes we can be.”

Several athletes said Senior Michael Dunn is their motivation on the team, and that he pushes every individual player to play their best at all times.  This year’s seniors include Michael Dunn, Ben Hardy, Jake Sanders, John Trapuzzano and Nelson Grayson. 

Just like any other sport, COVID-19 has had an impact on the boys’ season. They must wear a mask during warmups and while they are on the bench. It has taken games away from them and not allowed them to go to basketball camps for further training and practice. Additionally, many said that it has sadly taken away the ability of the team to bond with each other as much as they have in the past. 

Sophomore Tyler Burt says, “We could have played more games and had more training, which took away our opportunity to play to our full capabilities.”

The boys have only had four games as of January 22, 2021, including two away games against Moon Area High School and Albert Gallatin Area High School and two home games against New Castle and West Allegheny. All of the games that they were supposed to play earlier in the season were postponed due to COVID-19 precautions. All further scheduled games will happen as long as COVID-19 guidelines remain followed, and the team stays healthy.

Hopefully, the Boys Varsity Basketball team can continue their season and achieve success.