Graphic courtesy of Emma Riddell

Featured is a survey of students at Trinity High School regarding their opinions on resolutions.

10, 9, 8, 7…  it’s time for resolutions! Great. Sure, each new year promises a plethora of opportunities for growth and progress, but for many it also brings the dread of resolutions. By this point in the month, most of us have nearly abandoned our resolutions. But, there are still plenty of reasons to persist. 

Resolutions have been around since the 17th century when writer Anne Halkett decided on her resolutions in a diary entry. So, we have Anne to thank for our current dilemma. Today, a large amount of people who celebrate New Year’s also spend time setting goals for the coming year. It’s such a common tradition that even popular video games like The Sims show characters writing down their resolutions. 

Typically, resolutions involve weight loss or overall health, though they can include anything. But, several studies have found that weight and health resolutions are the least likely to be kept. It’s easy to understand why in our food-centric society, but it doesn’t make health-related resolutions any less important. Especially after the year we’ve all gone through, self-care and self-improvement are more important than ever. This year, I’ve noticed almost as many “stay healthy” and “lose weight” resolutions as “be kinder to yourself and others” resolutions, which I hope means that there will be a surge of kindness this year.

But, if most people abandon their resolutions, what’s the point in making them anyways? And why can no one seem to stick to their goals?

Well, anytime someone makes a goal, it should be set with realistic and achievable steps instead of enormous and unrealistic expectations. Once a goal feels too far away, or feels like it requires too much time, it’s much easier to stop trying. 

This year, I think there are some obvious areas where everyone can make achievable goals. Personally, I think the name of the game this year will be progress. The past year has taught us just how many aspects of life we need to improve upon. Politically, we have a seemingly insurmountable divide throughout the whole country. But, we can all work to be kinder and more aware of each side to improve this divide. We’ve also experienced a huge resurgence of the BLM movement, which has led the country to explore ways to be accepting and inclusive that everyone can participate in. Though both of these seem like large tasks for just one person, the key to making progress is the contribution and willingness to change from every person (which actually makes these small and achievable goals!) -more-

And, of course, the biggest difference that we can all contribute to is wearing a mask and continuing to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19.

So, What Would Chelsea Do? Chelsea will be sticking to her resolutions this year (to the best of her ability). But, she will keep her goals small and reasonable. Chelsea is hoping to be kinder and more mindful this year, and she hopes that everyone will find success in their resolution endeavors!