Dive right in!


Mark Marietta

The Trinity swim team lines up for the national anthem before their big meet!

Winter sports are back full swing since COVID-19 regulations were lifted on January 4, 2021. One of the teams back in action is the Trinity High School swim team. With practices originally starting in mid-November, they were the first team to really kick off the winter sports season. Their first few practices were dryland in the main high school gymnasium. Once able to, they got their feet wet and started using the middle school pool. 

Despite this year’s team being the biggest squad of swimmers Trinity has had in a long time, COVID-19 had very little impact on beginning of the season practices. The team could practice as one and not fall victim to capacity limitations. “Hell Week,” a period of hard training for the swimmers, was affected most by the recent shutdown. Valuable four hour long practice days were lost, as well as racing at the Christmas Invitational at West Allegheny School District. 

Meets, on the other hand, have changed drastically. Home meets are quiet because teams can’t be on deck, and there are no fans. There is no energy and excitement atmospherically. Athletes are spread out and teams have to come in and out of the gym and trainer’s room a few events at a time. 

According to head coach Luke Modrak, “It’s weird. So it’s challenging in that there’s the expectation to still race, still perform, when the intensity and excitement have literally gone from 100 to 0.” 

Sophomore Daniel Towers also commented on the difference between this season and those that have passed. 

“This season compared to other seasons is very different. You have to treat every practice and every meet like it could be your last of the season, because you don’t know what tomorrow could bring. The training aspect of the season is a lot more on your own,” said Towers.

Senior night this year was also different. It was during the first meet of the year, which never happens. With no fans and no cheering the recognition was different, but they still managed to have the parade of seniors and parents. Underclassmen still carried out the tradition of making signs for the seniors as well. 

One Senior, Lucinda Towers, said she will always remember this season and those past.

“I will always remember Mr. Modrak and his coaching style. We’re the first set of swimmers to be coached by him for four years and to show that his style of coaching works,” she said.

The rest of the season is up in the air as the team wants to focus on what they have right now. Also, COVID-19 can still have a major effect on the season itself, so take the time to show as much support as possible for the team and help them make this season have some sense of normalcy.