Homemade gifts spread cheer


Paula Slagle

This creative gift is a lamp made from picture frames and glass that was etched to show a design. Great job, Joey!

This year, COVID-19 has ruined many people’s plans for the holiday season. Since many are out of work and not making the money that they usually would, homemade gifts are the next best thing for this time of year! The great thing about homemade gifts is that creativity is key; it is possible to make whatever creative idea an individual sets their mind to, usually for a low price!

Many students have been making homemade gifts for quite a while, and others only recently. Senior Jilian Sander has been making homemade gifts for a few years. She believes that they are more personal as opposed to just buying gifts.

“When you can’t find something, make it!” says Sander.

 She says that it is much easier to use the knowledge that one has about the person to make them something that they will love. Sander normally does these gifts for her friends’ birthdays, but she does make a few for Christmas. She does gifts such as paintings, drawings, and many others. She says her gifts normally take her anywhere from a few weeks to a few hours, but they don’t have to be that time-consuming.

Sophomore Joseph Slagle has a different approach to homemade gifts. He normally makes homemade gifts for a Secret Santa that his family does and sometimes for his friends. Homemade gifts in his family are a tradition and he says it’s always enjoyable to see what everyone can come up with. 

Slagle says that he normally starts making gifts early so that they are done a bit before the holiday events. He makes gifs such as baked goods and sometimes other presents that he thinks people will like. Slagle says to not get discouraged if someone doesn’t like the gift that is given to them and to simply take it into account for next year.

Junior Savannah Ikach also decided to create homemade gifts this year. She likes to make homemade gifts, because she says they give individuality to the gifts, but prefers buying them since it’s easier. Ikach was taught to crochet by her grandmother and her aunt, so the gifts she makes have a lot of sentimental value. She says that if the gifts are for the whole family, it is best to start in late November or early December. Ikach is making different crocheted gifts, such as hats and other little projects. She believes that homemade gifts should grow in popularity because they are great to make and receive. 

Many homemade gift ideas are great for everyone, and some ideas include arm-knitted blankets, inspirational quotes or song lyrics painted on signs,  jars of memories made, candles, and even painted mugs or glasses. These are all easy and meaningful homemade gifts that are useful for everyone. Get creative!