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Above all, 2020 will be remembered as a year full of masks and social distancing during the pandemic.

This year has been awful. There’s no other way to say it. 2020 will be remembered as the worst year in many people’s lives, and for good reason. 

Everyone has had a different approach to this year. Some have felt that positivity was the only way through, which has worked for most of the year. But, I think the only way to truly move on from this year is to acknowledge everything that has happened and reconcile with it. 

Millions of people have died from COVID-19 this year. Millions more have lost their jobs. Restaurants have shut down and some small businesses have been forced to close permanently. Hospitals have been overwhelmed. The economy is the lowest it has been in years. People have missed weddings and many haven’t seen their family in months. Thousands spent holidays alone this year. Climate problems continue to worsen. The political division has been incredibly clear in our country. Protests and riots have sparked in small towns and large cities alike. Almost every aspect of life as we knew it is unrecognizable. 

Is any of this okay? Honestly, it’s not. Which, ironically, is about the only part of this year that is okay. If anything, this year has taught us that it is absolutely okay to not be okay. Fortunately, we are all going through this year together. Though no two people experienced this year in exactly the same way, there is certainly some comfort in this shared experience.

Of course, there are plenty of other things we can take away from this year. We have all learned to “roll with the punches” and to adapt to any situation. We have all found ways to be resilient. Plus, everyone has had to step back and appreciate simpler things in life that we may have taken for granted before, like seeing your friends or family, eating inside of a restaurant, going to work, and going on vacations. 

So, What Would Chelsea Do about 2020? My advice is to seek out a gorgeous sunrise, make a really tasty cup of coffee, go for a long walk, tell your loved ones just how important they are to you or listen to your favorite song on repeat. In short: stop and smell the roses, find joy in everyday activities and be patient with yourself.

By paying more attention to the little things in life, we can all learn to be more aware of each other, and we will all be more prepared for 2021, together. 

Stay safe everyone, and happy new year!