Selah Taggart decorates Washington


Selah Taggart

Selah Taggart’s mural is a beautifully painted lion’s head!

Trinity sophomore, Selah Taggart, has been creating different art pieces around Washington. She has a wide range of talent, including painting canvases, drawing and even creating calligraphy for events and weddings. Recently, she has begun painting a mural in downtown Washington. 

Taggart first became interested in creating art after seeing her older sister’s drawings. Ever since that point, Taggart has grown more involved with her art and has introduced it to the community around her.  

“My art is whatever comes to mind; it usually isn’t planned unless I am doing a specific piece for someone.  My art usually has a meaning behind the picture, sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it’s just for the viewer to decide,” Taggart described. 

Taggart is currently working on a  mural project, which can be found on 2 East Pine Avenue, on the Taggart Mitchell & Associates building. She was asked to paint the mural by the Dreamers Company and decided to create a colorful lion’s head. The depiction is meant to be more fictional than realistic and is a beautiful display of artistic talent. 

Art can be a wonderful way for students to express themselves and make their marks on the world around them.

“During quarantine, I actually created a lot. Since I was stuck at home, I actually had the time to paint,” Taggart explained, regarding her art during the lockdown period. 

Now that everyone is back at school, Taggart has less time during the week to devote to her artwork, but she still tries to develop her projects over the weekends. She also plans to continue creating art in the winter season if she has the time for it. 

Taggart gives advice to aspiring artists: “I would say, if they are passionate about art then they should keep creating, make time for it, and share their art with people.”