Returning to school four days per week


Hunter Spears

Signs such as this are posted around the halls as a reminder to students to stay safe.

Students have been waiting to return to school full time for several weeks now; and, although it is only four days, it’s a much-needed adjustment to give students the time with their teachers they need and want, as expressed by the parents and students in the community. The district is following several safety precautions as a part of the state Health Department’s guidelines. 

Trinity has an infrared thermal scanner in every school that takes students’ temperatures. So, if anyone has a fever, which is a major symptom of COVID-19, the administration could catch it immediately. Teachers also get their temperature taken every day, as another precaution. 

All students are also following social distancing guidelines, whenever possible.

Principal Mr. Uram says, “The students have done a great job following the rules and maintaining social distancing. If they continue to keep up the good work this year will be successful and safe.”

Most studies have shown that COVID-19 infections are contracted from people being closer than six feet and from being exposed to someone with COVID-19 for more than 15 minutes. If someone tests positive, contact tracing will occur to prevent the spread and to make sure anyone who was exposed can be tested and quarantined. 

The school is in contact with an epidemiologist, a pandemic team, and Dr. Faust, a local doctor, to make sure Trinity students are as safe as possible. 

The decision to return back to school was made on October 15 by the Trinity School Board, but the option to go cyber-only is still available for students. If another outbreak was to occur, the school would be shut down and students would do cyber school again. 

Regarding school functions, the administration is trying their best to make extra-curricular activities happen similar to a normal school year, but the capacity of people is still limited for non-educational functions.  

Superintendent Dr. Lucas says, “I know it’s hard for the students to not have extra-curricular activities during the school year such as formal, but we are trying our best to keep everyone safe.” Fall formal is currently postponed, but there are hopes to plan a dance later in the year. 

Trinity High School is doing their absolute best to keep the students and staff safe, and as long as the students and teachers follow the guidelines, Trinity hopes to have a safe and close-to-normal school year.