Miss Facci tackles Geometry


Miss Facci

Miss Facci smiles with pride while holding her paper from the International Honor Society. She received this paper from the education department.

Miss Facci is a student-teacher for Mr. Rhodes. She chose to teach math because she was good at this subject in her school years and she helped tutor other students in this subject. Facci originally wanted to go into the nursing field, but then she realized that blood was not for her. She then struggled to find a major that she thought would suit her. But, soon enough, the teaching department at Waynesburg University welcomed her with a smiling face. However, Facci says her biggest inspiration was her mom’s best friend, Jocelyn. When she started her major in education, she remembers Jocelyn’s smiling face talking about her experiences as a teacher.
One of Facci’s favorite parts of teaching is how she can include her best self in everything she teaches. Her other favorite part is getting her students to participate in class. Getting to know each individual student makes her day almost every day. COVID-19 has affected her student-teaching; she only used to see her students twice a week, but now she feels as if she’s on edge because schools could close at any given time. She is continuing to stay strong to make the best of these unfortunate times.
When choosing a school to student teach at, she had the options of Jefferson Morgan and Trinity. Facci chose Trinity because she thought she would get the best learning experience here.
She already has been given good advice from other teachers: “Be flexible in these trying times. Also, never get observed in first period because your lesson grows and adapts so much throughout the day.¨
In the end, Facci wants to teach as long as her body and mind will let her, and she would love to teach at Trinity.
She also wanted to add that she is very thankful for the opportunity she was given.
Welcome to the Hiller family, Miss Facci! The school is very excited for you to be a part of this family!