Trinity Girls Volleyball is KILLING it this season!


Courtesy of Olympus Staff

The Trinity Girls Volleyball team is all smiles before their big game!

The Trinity girls volleyball team is putting in the work this season. They have officially been announced as number one in their section. They currently have a 7-1 record, with seven wins and one loss. The most recent game was against Chartiers Valley, and the girls finished the set with a score of 3-0. 

Pre-season training initially began last spring, as players were encouraged to practice drills and exercises at home. The team workouts officially started July 1, and since then, it’s been go, go, go for the girls. The hard work is certainly paying off. 

With the season halfway over, there is still much more to expect from the team.

“We have a very competitive section, but we will be in playoff contention and possibly competing for the section title!” says Head Coach Erin Helmkamp. 

The team is continuing to work toward their goal of taking the section title. It has been a long time since the girls volleyball team has made it to the playoffs. This is their year to shine, as they rose up from being “the underdogs,” according to Senior Captain Vivian Poach. They are dominating the season, and history is in the making for the team.

The girls have also been working on their relationships with each other, on and off the court. Although COVID-19 limited the usual team bonding and outings, the team captains still made sure the team got together. 

“We would plan nights where the team could get together at a coach’s house and play games, and we’d make the best of the time. The team got together everyday because being bonded as a team is a huge part of a successful season,” says Poach. 

Since the games have been limited to spectators, Coach Helmkamp wanted to thank the Hiller Hooligans for their support on Twitter! Continue rooting for the team by streaming the games through the NFHS Network, whether online or through the app. Stay tuned for the next game announcement later this week!