Student of the Month: October – John Trapuzzano


It is my pleasure to nominate John Trapuzzano for Student of the Month for October. Not only is he the President of the National Honor Society, but he is also Student Body President. As National Honor Society President, he is a perfect example of the four pillars of the National Honor Society, which include leadership, scholarship, character & service. 

As a leader, John is already demonstrating his exceptional work ethic. He has come into the building several times on his virtual school days to help with Recycling Bin Set-Up & our virtual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony. Furthermore, he has organized our Freshmen Mentoring Program & our Welcoming of the New National Honor Society Members Project. John exhibits several leadership skills; he is motivational, dedicated, and goal-oriented. 

In terms of scholarship, John always goes above and beyond in his classwork. When he was enrolled in my Honors Chemistry class as a sophomore, I admired his tenacity and he proved to be an outstanding and responsible student. His work was neatly done, assignments were completed in a timely fashion, and he scored well on the exams. In addition, John was always wellprepared, efficient & organized in his laboratory work. John would take it upon himself to assist his classmates with their classwork and lab work quite often throughout the year. 

I have seen John exhibit a strong, moral character over the past few years. He has integrity and has matured significantly. He is dependable & conscientious. John is well-mannered, pleasant, diligent, and determined to achieve his goals. He is friendly to his classmates. He has an enthusiasm for learning and I have always seen him with a cheerful demeanor.

 Last year, as a National Honor Society member, John participated in several of our community service events, such as our School & Community Blood Drive & Food Drive. He also volunteered at the Houston Pumpkin Festival & the Trinity East Fall Festival. Additionally, he worked with the Little Dribblers. John has already shown a great interest in participating in our upcoming projects for this year. He continues to step up to help the local community through service projects. John’s kindness is truly appreciated. 

In conclusion, John Trapuzzano is a great example of what a Trinity Hiller student should be. It is with great pride that I offer this recommendation of John Trapuzzano for the Trinity High School Student of the Month for October.

Nominated by Mrs. Melanie M. Rush