Finding strength in school spirit


Rachel Chase

Trinity’s cheerleaders promote school spirit by decorating the hallways with positive messages of Hiller Pride.

Over the past months, we have all grown accustomed to keeping our distance, and some students are losing the sense of community that is the very foundation of our Hiller Nation. However, as the school year begins and families adjust to a new normal, it is crucial that all students foster a sense of school pride to ensure that everyone feels supported and motivated to start a new school year. 

While it can be easy to become discouraged in these less-than-ideal circumstances, students should look at the challenges that our school has overcome to find pride and inspiration. The resilience that has been demonstrated by students in finishing the 2019-2020 school year at home, maintaining relationships with friends and teachers, training for new sports seasons and starting a school year with both hybrid and cyber schedules is proof that the characteristics that keep our community thriving are still present, if not stronger. 

Plus, by overcoming these challenges, students and faculty members gained an opportunity to learn about personal strengths and weaknesses and to develop an ability to adapt to any situation. While adjusting can be hard, it is important to remember that developing the skills of tenacity and resilience can prepare anyone to tackle any future challenges. 

Although it is encouraging to look for these silver linings, the unavoidable truth is that many students feel pessimistic and unmotivated in our current situation. Trinity athletes who once relied on cheering crowds to inspire them are now left with empty stands. Students who used to depend on the excitement of being involved in clubs and volunteering are now left without a sense of purpose. And, almost everyone is missing the socialization and sense of togetherness that is so often associated with favorite high school memories.

However, the key to promoting school spirit and boosting morale is not lost in these setbacks, but instead is found in new opportunities to show Trinity Pride.

Students can still be involved in sporting events by watching live-streamed games, meets, and matches virtually at Students can continue to #bethekindkid and draw strength from small acts of compassion and care, whether learning in school or at home. Even simply wearing blue and white and maintaining a positive attitude can make a true difference in the mentality of our student body.

While the circumstances of this school year are far from normal, the definition of Trinity Pride remains the same; community, kindness, and positivity continue to act as guides in these challenging times. So, remember that now, more than ever, it is important to show school spirit and be proud of the accomplishments of our school. Go Hiller Nation!