Trinity welcomes student teacher Mrs. Harris

Mrs. Harris waving hello and preparing to start her day at Trinity High School.

Courtesy of Mrs. Harris

Mrs. Harris waving hello and preparing to start her day at Trinity High School.

Trinity High School would like to extend a warm welcome to Mrs. Harris as Mr. Schwab’s student teacher!  Harris will continue as a student-teacher until the month of November. She is very happy and excited to be working with students as she pursues her career in education. 

After graduating from Trinity in 2012, Harris attended W&J College for Business Administration and worked for 84 Lumber. She realized that office life was not for her, so she decided to become a substitute teacher for Trinity in 2018.

“After substituting for about six months and coaching the middle school softball and girls’ soccer teams, I concluded that a teaching career was something I could see myself happily doing for a long time,” said Harris. 

She is now attending Waynesburg University to receive her Master’s Degree in Education.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it has proven difficult for many student teachers as they are not able to see students in person and teach them in the traditional learning style.  Despite these changes, Harris has learned to utilize and implement technology into learning.

Harris noted, “Since schools have been using this technology and have now had some experience in teaching students through digital learning strategies, I believe many teachers feel a bit more prepared than they may have if schools were just now attempting to move away from traditional learning styles.” 

Furthermore, she hopes to be able to benefit from student teaching as she discovers a method of teaching that will be effective and comfortable for students. 

Outside of school, Harris prefers to spend her time outdoors as she enjoys hiking, fishing, rock climbing and playing soccer. She got married over the summer and is on the waitlist for a Chow Chow puppy.

Harris hopes that everyone enjoys and appreciates their time in high school, as time flies by quickly!