Morrell styles her way into future


Senior Bella Morrell is excited to pursue her future as a hair stylist.

When we all emerge from quarantine with brand-new home haircuts, senior Bella Morrell will be there to fix our very worst mistakes. 

During high school, Morrell attended Toni and Guy, which is a program that allows students to gain hands-on experience and education in the beauty industry. She has specifically focused on hair cuts, color, and styling, and she has been very successful. Students at Toni and Guy have the opportunity to become licensed and begin working immediately after finishing the program, which Morrell has done.

She has had a very positive experience and stated that, “The teachers are always helpful and I 

appreciate that lessons go past the theory. They teach professional etiquette and really encourage creativity and individuality while still providing a solid support network through the staff and fellow students.” 

Students can begin attending Toni and Guy during their sophomore year of high school. 

Morell became inspired to take this path because she “really wanted to work with people and make a difference. In the beauty industry, giving someone a new look or even just a trim can brighten their day and make them feel better.” 

It provides her a much-desired creative outlet. In high school, Morrell also participated in Colorguard, Concert Band and Chamber Choir, as alternative creative outlets. 

As she moves forward in her career, she hopes to devote herself to “creative cuts and vivid colors.” 

She stated, “For me, hair is an outward expression of myself and being able to give that to other people is very special, whether it be with rainbows or a new set of bangs!” 

Morrell also expressed that certain skills can help set someone apart in the beauty industry: “It’s all about making people feel special, and creativity. Sure, they come for a haircut or a new look altogether, but to keep guests coming back, YOU have to stand out. With good technical skills and application you can go places, but making people feel special and understood while providing unique and personalized services will make you go FAR.”  

She is currently working as an assistant in a salon, which she enjoys. 

She stated, “Everyone comes from different walks of life and you can have really touching, inspiring stories come through or just click with someone and have a really great time together.”

In the future, Morrell hopes to be working for herself. She says her dream is to  have a “garage or little shed near my house to have as a private little salon so I can be close to home and keep a flexible schedule, but that won’t be for a while.” Until then, she says she is “ready to put in the hard work and hit the ground running.”

She advises anyone considering a similar path not to “let anyone talk you out of it if you really feel in your heart that is what you want to do.”

Truly, Morrell has taken advantage of every opportunity possible and is prepared for success in her future.