Trinity students to serve the Red, White and Blue


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Trinity seniors Elena Butler, Dale Glotfelty and Hailey Scott will be marching into the change of their lives as they serve our country.

After these three proud Hillers march through their graduation, they become one step closer to marching for the Red, White, and Blue. Seniors Elena Butler, Dale Glotfelty and Hailey Scott have committed to serve in the United States armed forces.

Butler is planning on joining the Army to become a 68W Combat Medic Specialist, or in other words, an EMT. Butler is leaving for basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, on June 30, 2020.

The inspiration behind Butler wanting to join the military is truly heartfelt. Whenever Butler was young, and even to this day, she looks at people in uniform and thinks, “I want to be like them.”

Bulter’s family has a long military tradition; she is inspired to continue this tradition and also become the first female, in her bloodline, to serve. She thinks serving the country will make her tougher than she already is, give herself more self-discipline, and help her grow as a professional leader. She believes self-discipline will provide endless benefits to herself and future family. Overall, Butler is excited to join the Army because she feels as if it’s her calling.

Butler has a contract to serve for four years, but if she really enjoys it, she’ll continue her service. After she feels like she served the country well, her other plan is to go to Officer Candidate School. 

Glotfelty plans on joining the Air National Guard to become a 2A5X4A, commonly known as a Crew Chief. Glotfelty will be attending Robert Morris University to major in industrial engineering before he starts his service.

Glotfelty grew up with both of his parents in the Army; his father served 32 years and his mother served 28 years. They both retired as Lieutenant Colonels. Living up to such high expectations, Glotfelty will work his hardest to proudly live up to them as best as he can.

Glotfelty wants to serve the country because he feels like it’s the biggest opportunity and honor anyone could have; also, he believes he still has very much to learn and grow as a person still, so he feels like serving will teach him more self-discipline.

Scott plans on joining the Air Force and will work in services; then, about a year later she’ll cross-train for Human Resources.  

Scott enlisted into the Air Force last year at Heinz Field; during her swearing-in ceremony she was selected to be an Element Leader and was recognized by the highest Air Force Chain of Command for her enlistment. She also attends a drill weekend every month at Heinz Field for training.  Scott leaves for basic training on July 28, 2020.

Scott’s family is her biggest inspiration because most of her family has served the military. She was a part of the Trinity JROTC program and she’s grown to love the military environment and claims it is where she found who she was.

Scott’s current contract is to serve eight years, but she’d like to be a part of the Air Force for the rest of her life, serving and protecting the country for as long as she can. 

Scott believes facing the challenges and hard work of being in the Air Force will have a huge impact on her life, but she is willing to do whatever it takes.

Good luck to Butler, Glotfelty and Scott! The country will be served by these three Hillers, and their dedication and sacrifice is very much appreciated by all.