Australian fires shock world

Australian fires are like nothing we’ve seen before,” according to an article in the New York Times. These fires started in December of 2019 and, as of now, there are about 100 remain on the east

photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license
Australian fires set ablaze throughout the entire country. This picture was specifically taken in Queensland, Australia.

coast of Australia in the states of New South Wales and Victoria. With approximately 29.6 million acres destroyed, some animals on the Australian continent are now close to extinction.

These Australian fires started due to a dry thunderstorm, which is a type of storm involving only lightning and thunder, but no rain. After three years of severe drought, the lightning from a dry thunderstorm easily ignited the bush. 

These catastrophic fires made fumes and smoke so toxic and strong that the sun turned from yellow to a disastrous blood red.

In total there have been about 200 people who have perished due to ignited fire blazes from 60-mile-per-hour winds. These dangerous conditions have not only caused human deaths, but also many animal deaths.

On Kangaroo Island, a single farmer lost over half of the 9,000 sheep that he owned. Also, about 50,000 koalas died on this island alone. Approximately 30% to 40% of the kangaroos that once flourished this island are now presumed dead within the 800 square miles that were destroyed on Kangaroo Island alone.

There are thirteen birds, 20 reptiles, five invertebrates, 22 crayfish, 19 mammals, and 17 fish species that are now considered endangered and in need of help because of these fires. 

The kind thoughts and actions from celebrities are taking effect as well, many have been donating millions of dollars to help save animals and to replant trees. Celeste Barber donated about $32.3 million to provide aid during this horrible event. Australian Native, Chris Hemsworth, donated $5 million to two different charities, and an additional. $700,000 to other aid efforts.

Both the Wildlife and Environmental Foundation and the American Red Cross are open for any type of donation. 

If interested in helping the people, animals, and nature to recover from the tragic fires, go to or to adopt an animal or make a donation. Without aid, the destruction in Australia may never be reversed.