Trinity ski club conquers slopes


Koen Weichel

The picture above is one of the North Face slopes and lift at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

Ice sparkles underneath the skis of many Trinity students while the cool wind blows against their face as they rush down the slopes. Members of Trinity ski club experience this rush of adrenaline on all their ski trips.

Trinity Ski Club is one of the few extracurricular activities at Trinity during the winter months. Several students and teachers from each grade level venture up to Seven Springs twice a month to ski, snowboard, and create thrilling memories with their friends.

“The majority of our trips are to Seven Springs and over the years they have gone to other resorts but this one is close to home,” explained Mr. West, ski club advisor. 

Students take a bus up to Seven Springs, considering it is only an hour and a half from THS. However, some of the student’s wish to be able to drive to Seven Springs on their own rather than taking a bus. 

To join the ski club, an initial fee of $5 and $34 for a ski lift ticket are required. Additional costs include rentals for $26 and lessons for $23. Trinity gets discount rates which save students about 40% of their money required. Bus fare is also an extra $18. 

Junior, Tyler Ashmore provided some of the highlights and improvements that could be made such as, “It could be thrown out to more people,” and “It should be more affordable.”

Students have expressed how the costs that come with the ski club are not all-inclusive. If a student wanted to join but could not afford the costs, the teachers would find a way to cover the funds. 

Trinity Ski Club is a great way to get more involved in extra-curricular activities outside of school if students are able to ski or snowboard; even if students cannot do either, they can pay the additional cost for lessons and possibly learn a new skill.