Furman soars to Eagle Scout status


Senior Colby Furman stands proudly in his scouts uniform for a senior picture. His uniform includes patches that he has earned from achievements throughout his years in scouts.

“Be prepared,” states the Boy Scouts of America motto. 

Senior Colby Furman has embodied this motto throughout his 12 years participating in Boy Scouts, and he has recently achieved Eagle Scout status. 

The Boy Scouts of America was first established in 1910, and has since been a nationwide organization. Participants first join Cub Scouts, and continue with it until around sixth grade. Then, they transition into Boy Scouts.

Furman explains “I joined Cub Scouts when I was in first grade and loved every minute of it. The reason I stuck with it was because I love camping and all of the activities you can do. I also made a lot of close friends throughout the years that I never would have met if I was not in scouts.”

 Ranks begin at Scout, and continue with Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star and Life. The top rank is Eagle. The first four ranks focus on life and outdoor skills, and the last three focus on leadership. 

In order to achieve Eagle Scout status, participants must achieve all merit badges, oversee a project from start to finish, hold a leadership position, and live by the scout oath. 

For his project, Furman “Planned and organized the project of repainting the interior of the South Franklin Fire Hall Garage. They are our troop’s charter organization and I wanted to give back to them because they do a lot for the troop.”

Throughout the year, Furman’s troop participates in various presentations of the American flag at events, as well as a community food bank drive, in addition to other community projects. 

He states he has had the chance to do “Just about anything you can think of, from hiking to scuba diving. I’ve had many opportunities to do extraordinary things that you might not get to do outside of scouting. Some of my favorites are caving, white water rafting, and shooting sports.”

He also explains that Boy Scouts applied to his daily life because “It has taught me many important life skills including leadership, time management, communications, and to be a good citizen. It has also taught me things like cooking, first aid, survival skills, and to always be prepared. All of these are things that I can use in life.”

His troop fundraises throughout the year, and intermittently sells popcorn, candy bars, and olive oil to help support his troop. 

Furman truly embodies the principles of a Boy Scout, and Trinity High School is proud to congratulate him on achieving Eagle Scout Status!