Mysterious Ring hackings shock many

Ring Doorbells are a unique doorbell that comes with a camera. The front of a house can be checked without opening the door in case a mysterious person is at the door. Or, parents could check on their children while they’re at work.

Even considering the advanced technology available today, some think it’s the best invention yet. But about a month and a half ago, one of the Ring Doorbells got hacked, which came as a shock to many. However, it may not really be that surprising due to the many hacking methods seen today. 

According to The New York Times, there have been roughly four Ring hackings, so statistics are still low. It is smart to keep an eye on these doorbells just to be safe. Although these hackings will convince others to switch back to a normal doorbell.

Freshman Lauren Falvo has a Ring Doorbell. If her Ring was hacked, she stated that she would feel uncomfortable because someone would be watching her and could possibly find out where she lives based on the surrounding environment. She would sue Ring if this happened to her because the security should be strong enough that no one should be able to hack into it.

Although, the Ring-hacking news didn’t shock Falvo, mainly because it’s a camera and camera devices get hacked frequently. Since the flaws of the Ring Doorbell have been revealed, Falvo believes sales will decrease because most people will be uncomfortable with the idea of being watched and possibly their home being found by a hacker, even though the statistics are very low.

However, sophomore and foreign exchange student Tatiana Lopez shared her thoughts about this topic. Lopez feels as if people shouldn’t share any personal information with people who are unknown to a particular family. She believes that hacking is happening now rather than seven years ago because technology is more advanced, making it easier to get access to personal information.

Before the recent hacking, Lopez was considering the possibilities of investing in this product because it seems to be good for security and safety. Regardless, she believes Ring should not get sued for the hacking but also believes that this will lower the business’s sales because some people may feel like they can’t trust the product anymore.

Junior Olivia Huber has similar thoughts as Lopez but believes people could add a firewall to prevent any one person or virus from hacking their doorbell. Huber believes that burglars may have started hating the recording doorbells as they are catching more and more criminals.

Considering this information, she has never thought about investing in this product because she doesn’t trust technology; if not careful enough, all personal documents, accounts, and information could be stolen.

Huber agrees with Lopez that Ring shouldn’t be sued, but thinks that once this product is purchased a fee should be paid since there’s no built-in firewall to prevent hackers in the first place. She believes that if hacked, customers should get a new, updated Ring for six months free.

She notes that this recent hacking will affect the opinions of this product, yet feels that if security is added, it should continue to be successful.

Ring Doorbells are very useful in many ways, but with modern technology and hacking capabilities, it can be scary. 

Always be considerate and safe with how advanced technology is nowadays and be sure to have a strong, protective password.