New movies prosper in theaters


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There are countless entertaining movies in theaters this season!

As the weather gets colder and midterms get harder, the movie theater can seem like the perfect escape. And, with countless new releases in theaters this season, there are plenty of movies that can entertain audiences. 

Currently, there are many popular movies in theaters for those who love action and adventure. For some, “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” provides an ideal night of entertainment; the movie contains intense battle scenes, a strong story line, and non-stop plot twists that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

This movie is especially important to Star Wars fans, as it presents the conclusion of a saga that has been 42 years and three trilogies in the making. Because of this, the movie has grossed $918 million so far and is expected to continue its successful sales for the next month.

Mr. Smith greatly enjoyed the movie and stated that its fast pace was able to finish the arc of the story well, tying up all the loose ends that previous movies had left in question.

“Any movie about redemption is a good movie,” stated Smith.

“Jumanji: The Next Level” is another entertaining action film to see this season. This release is also crushing box office sales, making a worldwide total of $610 million in its first weeks of release.

Mrs. Child enjoyed this movie and highly recommends it due to the amusing characters, the humor of Kevin Hart and Jack Black, and the new twist on a relatively old story.

Overall, Child concluded, “I loved every second of it.”

For those who do not enjoy high-energy movies but prefer suspenseful, gripping dramas, there are ideal movies currently in theaters. 

“Little Women,” a new adaptation of the classic coming-of-age novel by Louisa May Alcott, is nominated for many Oscar categories and has grossed a total of $60 million after just 12 days in theaters. It is a touching story about four sisters who must learn about who they are and become confident in the lives that they are destined to lead.

Another drama, “1917,” recently won two Golden Globes, one for Best Motion Picture-Drama and one for Best Director, Sam Evans. It is a story set in World War I about two British soldiers who must race against time and cross over enemy territory in order to deliver a message that could potentially save their fellow comrades .

While some of these movies are too intense for younger audiences, there are many releases currently in theaters that are perfect for families.

“Frozen II,” which has become the highest grossing animated film of all time with $1.325 billion in sales, is a continuation of the original “Frozen” story that captivated audiences back in 2013.

Mrs. Macino stated that the sequel had an entertaining plot, important message, and fantastic continuation of characters that everyone has grown to love.

“I love the message that ‘Frozen’ sends about the importance of love between sisters.”

Despite Macino’s praise for the movie, she believes the music is not as iconic as the original “Frozen” movie.

Mrs. Child, however, disagrees, saying that she loves the movie’s tribute to 80s power ballads and enjoys singing the songs with her daughter. 

For more mature audiences, there are countless horror films currently succeeding in the box office such as “Knives Out,” “The Grudge,” and “Underwater.”

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any movie that you chose to see! No matter what genre you enjoy or how old you are, there are countless new releases that are sure to entertain you.