Students audition for Annie

The musicals at Trinity have brought joy to the community for decades. The show for this school year is Annie, which is why all of the musical theater students at Trinity High School were buzzing with nerves and excitement as auditions for the school musical drew closer.  The auditions were on the 12 and 14 of November in the chorus room at Trinity High school. 

The musical is about an orphan named Annie who lives in an orphanage facility run by the mean Miss. Hannigan and believes that her parents left her there as a mistake. When a rich man named Oliver Warbucks decides to let an orphan live at his home to promote his image, Annie is selected. While Annie gets accustomed to living in Warbucks’ mansion, she still longs to meet her parents, so Warbucks announces a search for them, including a reward, which brings out many frauds.

As expected, different students prepared for the musical in different ways. Junior Rachel Faust prepared for her auditions by picking out her song and monologue a month before the audition. Once Faust found her monologue and song, she worked on the phrasing first and then went back to work on the detailed information. Two weeks before the audition Faust performed her song and monologue in front of her friends and family. She then picked an outfit out for the audition that she believed made her look professional and fit her character. 

Senior Christiana Bouvy had a different approach on preparing for her auditions. She picked out a monologue and song that fit the character that she was going for. Bouvy says she implemented the attitude and actions of the character when she performed her audition. 

Sophomore Savannah Ikach took a separate course to prepare for her auditions. She first researched the musical and tried to find a character that she thought she was fit for. Ikach then tailored her song and monologue to that character. 

Each student that auditioned for the school musical experienced swirling emotions while they waited to hear the results of the casting. Faust had felt calm and wanted to get it over with before she auditioned as it was an anxiety inducing thing to think about for too long. Bouvy says she felt very anxious but confident before she auditioned, as she really hoped to get a part. Ikach felt confident and a little nervous before she auditioned. 

These musical theater veterans provided some helpful advice and different tips for memorising, finding music and monologues and auditioning. It is best to get prepared early, keep calm, don’t be afraid, and just give it a shot. Don’t take it seriously, as participants may not like everyone in the production. It is better to enjoy the time in the production and learn from the experience. It is best to simply go for it. Don’t wait for a good time, but make it a good time. For memorizing your monologues, lines, and songs it is best to write them in small chunks until the whole thing is memorized. Repetition helps a lot when memorizing monologues, lines, and songs.

 “For people who are thinking of doing it, go for it,”  Ikach exclaimed.

Auditions for the musical can be hard and stressful, but in the end it pays off. The cast list for Annie will be posted on November 26.