Boys Tennis serves up

As the final nine weeks enters the 2018-2019 school year, and while most of Trinity is getting excited for graduation and summer, the Trinity boys tennis team prepares to take on another season! The team has high hopes for this year’s season, and with enough dedication, anything is possible.

Junior Elliott Salvatori said, “Some of us lads go out to the court ourselves to get a few strokes in, but there’s nothing organized.”

But for the team, they still believe that they will have enough practice to take on even the toughest competitors. The boy’s tennis team practices every weekday when there isn’t a competition so they’re ready for their games.

Senior Austin Aber says that the team’s three best players are their captains: “Evann ‘Evdawg’ Carrier, Jack ‘Jackyboy’ Beecham, and Ryan ‘Ryguy’ Hornickel.”

The team agrees that their toughest competitor this year will be Peters Township. For the past few years, Peters Township has been one of the best teams in the state.

Aber says that their match with Peters Township is “always circled in our calendars.”

The team has a lot of strengths this year, Salvatori said that the team has “passion, chemistry, athleticism, and a love for the game.”

The coach of the Tennis team is biology teacher Mr. Stoner, and Aber says that they wouldn’t be the same team without his leadership: “Mr. Stoner is the only coach we have, want, or need!”

Tennis is always looking for more members to join, and while boys can no longer join the team mid-season, they are welcome to talk to Stoner in the science wing for next year.

Salvatori said, “there’s a great sense of camaraderie on the team. Everyone gets along really well, and it’s a lot of fun.”

The boy’s tennis team is a force to be reckoned with! Their next home game will be April 22 against California Area. With enough dedication, teamwork, and a love of the game, anything is possible for this team!