Valentine’s Day is one of the most confusing holidays of the year. The only holiday I can even think that is more odd is Groundhog Day. Honestly, what is the purpose of celebrating Valentine’s Day if you’re not in a relationship? It is not like we are in elementary school where everyone gets a valentine and candy from our classmates. So, how can you enjoy this holiday even if you do not have a significant other? WWCD?

Me, personally, I would avoid all the sappy Instagram posts at all costs. There is no point in making yourself feel bad over a high school couple that will probably not even make it two months. I would also avoid going out at all. For example, restaurants, the movies and the bowling alley should be completely off limits. If you were smart, you would completely barricade yourself in a room with a television. I would make sure the room is close to your front door so you do not have to walk that far when your pizza comes.

Since I don’t have much experience with Valentine’s day at all, my feelings on the matter do not really matter at all. Therefore, I am going to do something that I am actually decent at. I am going to write a poem on how much I despise Valentine’s Day.

                 I hate Valentine’s Day

                 Valentine’s day is pointless for everyone who’s single

                 For people who are weird and and far too scared to mingle.

                 I would rather stay home and be alone than be with someone else

                 I mean let’s be honest, all couples ever do is argue and yell.

                 Sure it would be nice to go out with someone and not have to pay

                 But nothing will change the fact I hate Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope that your February 14 will be more eventful than mine.