The Hiller

2019-2020 Staff

Morgan Kafana


In her spare time, which she doesn't have much of, Morgan enjoys writing poems and stories. She loves sp...

Rachel Chase

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

When not at school, Rachel enjoys music, photography, and reading. She also enjoys hanging out with he...

Gina Gossett

Arts and Entertainment Editor

When not writing articles for the newspaper Gina is taking photos and working on layouts for the year...

Jonathan Brodak

Feature Editor

They say obsessing over the past is an unhealthy habit, and Jonathan Brodak is here to confirm that ...

Meghan Artuso

Sports Editor

Hi! I’m Meghan Artuso. Outside of school I love sleeping and shopping. I love playing tennis and spend...

Kayla Denke

Sports Editor

Outside of school, I like to spend time with family and babysit. My favorite series is "After," I used to wri...

Nancy Xiao

Staff Writer

Nancy joined the Hiller Newspaper staff as a means to feel more confident with her own voice by writing f...

Grace Hopper

Staff Writer

During school, Grace is a big history nerd, but outside of school she enjoys playing softball for dif...

Gracyn Kafana

Staff Writer

When Gracyn is not school, she is playing volleyball.  Gracyn has been playing volleyball for 3 years....

Holly McDonald

Staff Writer

When not in journalism, Holly enjoys writing various pieces of poetry, short stories, and lyrics she w...

Emma Malinak

Copy and Alumni Editor

When not busy with schoolwork, Emma enjoys being involved throughout the school and community. She i...

Emma Liggett

FOR Editor

Emma has been doing anything and everything related to music as soon as she was able to. She partici...

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