What Would Chelsea Do?

I hate to be the one to address sentimental issues, but yes, school has actually begun. You might say to yourself that the school year started a month ago; however, the year truly doesn’t begin until the same papers we have been filling out since first grade are turned in, the guidance office has been demolished from herds of students changing their schedules and our lunch accounts have negative balances.  Along with the new school year is a fresh start for each of us who want to forget about the horrors of last year.

I’m always asked, how do you make 180 school days count?  Yes, 180 seems overwhelming to us impatient students who start a summer countdown in the second week of school. But, in order to prevent the days from dragging on, it is important to make every minute memorable. I know it sounds cliche, but you are only in high school once. Why not take chances and explore all that high school can offer?

Walking into my homeroom on the first day as a freshman at Trinity High School I was full of questions. Who will I sit with at lunch? Will this class have assigned seats? Can I really go on my phone?  Now, as senior, the only question I have is, where did the time go?

So WWCD? Cherish every moment and stop wishing the time to go faster. Go to football games dressed in each theme. Having school spirit is not lame.  Don’t be afraid to make new friends and step out of your social comfort zone.  Join one of the many clubs that are offered. The way that your year turns out is completely in your control.

How will I make these last 180 days count?  I’m going to live every second in the moment, remembering this is my final hoorah of high school.