Tennis Anyone?


Courtesy of Mrs. Faust

This years seniors pose for the annual senior photo.

So far, 2020 has been extremely unpredictable. Everyone can agree, especially those who play high school sports. As a student athlete, or even just a fan, school sports are a major part of what makes high school fun. 

The Trinity High School Girls Tennis team is composed of six seniors, all of whom have long awaited, or feared, their senior season, as it is one of the most important in their career as a student athlete. The pressure of being role models and leading the team, however, was pushed aside as the fear of not having a season due to COVID-19 crept in and took control. 

One senior, Skylar Clawson, said, “Coming into the season, I was really worried that we would play a few matches, then someone would get COVID-19, and we wouldn’t be able to finish our season. I was just hoping I’d be able to finish my last season.”

COVID-19 has had such a big impact on how high school sports are being conducted this year, since new safety procedures are limiting on many levels.

 Head coach Mr. Stoner mentioned that although the virus has not had a direct impact on the season, “the close monitoring of the students’ health” has been put into place. Temperature checks and masks are now mandatory for all practices.

Also, according to the assistant coach, Mrs. Frazee, “We couldn’t have any spectators at first, but now we can.”

But, COVID-19 has been hindering the players’ mindsets. The mental aspect of the game has been geared more toward being more self-aware and looking out for others’ well-being than actually playing the game. 

Clawson stated, “COVID-19 has made me more aware of how I’m feeling and how others are around me. I’ve been more cautious and worried that I will get the Coronavirus and pass it onto my teammates.” 

However, with the season in full swing, the seniors are soaking up everything they can and making the most out of the circumstances. The memories made will always stay with the girls once their senior season comes to an end.

In addition to keeping the Trinity Girls Tennis team and the seniors playing this year in mind, help show your support in any way that you can while being safe and socially distant. The team needs all the love and support we can give.